Supermassive Stadia exclusive to be revealed later this year

Following the July 2020 Stadia Connect event, Supermassive Games, developer of Until Dawn and Man of Medan, will provide an early look at their upcoming Stadia exclusive IP later this year.

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rlow1334d ago

Interesting, but I'm still not sold on Stadia.

Snookies12334d ago

Will Stadia still be alive by that point?

JTGA333d ago

A fair question! I think Google are giving it their best shot, and securing exclusive content that will draw people in is a very Sony play. Whether it's enough to turn the tide still remains to be seen...

Axecution334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Harmonix is developing a Stadia exclusive next year too. Interesting lol looks like Google's giving it one last push.

Ill try it just for Harmonix's new game but ill be pretty upset when Stadia inevitably fails and i lose access to my full priced game lmao.
Just an $80 rental with how confident i am that Stadia is gonna die. If you think of it like that its not so bad. The bad part is still the trash subscription service you need to buy into in order to play the game you paid full price for at a reasonable resolution when it'll be 2021 lmao.

God i hate Stadia. Such a gross service. I do love Harmonix more than i hate Stadia though so they'll unfortunately get a bit of money out of me :(

JTGA333d ago

Absolutely. The nature of their subscription model was a huge mistake, especially since they don't have the library to justify it. Compare Stadia's offering to Xbox Game Pass and it's laughable (even PS Now has it beat by far). They should have had a free to access version from the start.

Knightofelemia334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Better make sure you release the title on PS5, Series X, PC and even the Switch and reap in the sales while you can once you hit Stadia and sign that exclusive that's where you'll go face first into the ground hard.

JTGA333d ago

I wonder if all these exclusives just end up being timed, for that very reason? Say a 12 month exclusivity before inevitably being ported to other platforms...

Knightofelemia333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

It most likely is a timed exclusive that thought came to me as well it would be pointless to leave the game a Stadia exclusive if the user base is not that high with the Stadia. When compared to the user base of say PC PS4, and XB1 and Switch they all have a higher user base compared to those who own and play on Stadia the numbers don't warrant the game to be a full exclusive. Unless Google buys up the studio then yes the game would be a Stadia only game then. Or if Google does what Microsoft did when they bought Halo and Gears of War ips from the studios who made the franchises then the game would also be a Stadia exclusive.

Demon37334d ago

I gave up on Stadia for 2 reasons.

1. Lack of games or any exciting games.
2. Google seems to not really care about the service. A lot of things that should be in by default aren't

Z23ash334d ago

Agreed I tried it and while it worked really well the games lineup isn’t exciting and 90% of the promised features which are what made it look interesting in the first place still have no eta on being added. Luckily i only used the free trial.

Demon37332d ago

It's a real shame as it's not a bad service at all. It's just the lack of so many features and not having enough games have killed it for me. While using it I couldn't shift the feeling that Google aren't taking it very seriously.

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