Amazon discounts Far Cry 6, Super Neptunia RPG, Two Point Hospital and more

Amazon has discounted Far Cry 6 to $49.94, Super Neptunia RPG to $30.49, Two Point Hospital to $29.99 and more.

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TheEnigma313335d ago

Is farcry still any good or has ubi ruined it?

SonyStyled335d ago

I enjoyed fc5 more than 4, Primal, and New Dawn. FC3 was my first, but playing it again on PS4 I found the game hasn’t aged well compared to the newer installments. Some didn’t like 5, but I found it the most enjoyable and humorous of the series with a ton of environments and side missions to explore. Maybe because I live in the US and was able to pick up on the details europeans wouldn’t understand. I could understand if someone’s super religious they might not like a religious cult as the bad guys