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From GamesReviews: "Ghost of Tsushima is the best samurai movie you’ve never played and should. Thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment for providing this!"

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morganfell342d ago

Karak couldn't even get out his Buy, Rent, Or Wait for Sale before saying Buy it:

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luckytrouble342d ago

Watched the video earlier and got a chuckle when he started the rating spiel then just said screw it and recommended the game lol

Christopher342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I really think people should look at what Bend Studio and Sucker Punch have been doing with UI design in their games for next-generation. Their UI designers have taken so much time to limit time within a UI focused state and improve the flow of what is there. There are so few games this generation that have advanced UI at all and have just been stuck in last-gen concepts.

morganfell342d ago

ICOTW - Insightful Comment Of The Week.

Sunny_D342d ago

Not sure if it means anything but would Horizon ZD’s menu be included in that? The menu was so smooth in the game because it ran at 60 FPS and because of it felt good.

Christopher342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Days Gone, it was fluid, insanely so. It flowed naturally from one to another using the touchpad to go to what you want without having to scroll left or right only. I could go from any UI screen to another with just a swipe in the correct direction. And it was seamless compared to HZD on PS4. Loading was next to nil on Days Gone and things flowed rather than just "swapped screens" on PS4, but took a second or two for HZD and required additional navigation to get to what you needed rather than it being immediate.

Don't get me wrong, I love HZD. Amazing game, but old concepts in UI in both the inventory/upgrade/journal screens that progressed linearly and at an okay but not seamless manner. Additionally, the HUD was still cluttered in some respects that could have been done more naturally like Ghost of Tsushima.

Additionally, this isn't to say Days Gone did everything else right. The driving was distracting when going from one location to another as you had to split your attention between the game and the mini-map. But, its UI panels for quests, inventory, upgrades, etc. were so clean and seamless. Its use of sound to alert you to specific events, great. Same with naturally alerting you to what to expect by what you can see and not just icons on your mini-map or on the screen itself.

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