The Last of Us Part II almost let you remove violence against dogs

The Last of Us Part II is pretty violent even toward dogs. Most players will murder a ton of canines over their journey and Naughty Dog mulled over adding in an option that cut that out of the game.

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TheEnigma31320d ago

good thing they left it in. This is a post apocalyptic world where everything is for survival. Who care if PETA flips out.

nowitzki200420d ago

If they stopped wasting time on digital animals they might actually save more real animals.

Nitrowolf220d ago

Honestly, I would probably rather them waste time on digital animals than real ones. At least the digital ones don't end up getting killed by PETA "good" deeds

rainslacker20d ago

Those dogs would maul you in a heartbeat. PETA can kiss my ass if they think I'm not going to defend myself against a dog attacking me. Luckily, this is a video game, and no dogs were harmed in the making of it, nor does shooting a digital puppy mean that you are hurting real animals, nor does it promote hurting animals in any way.

dumahim19d ago

Yep. Dogs are awesome and all, but these fake dogs are trying to bite my face off. I'm going to defend myself and not get worked up over it.

rainslacker19d ago

If it makes PETA feel better, I like the dogs better than their human trainers.:)

RosweeSon20d ago

Tons- about 5-10 throughout the entire journey 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 not every enemy has a dog. Normally 1-2 per group and this isn’t in every group you encounter.

TheEnigma31320d ago

it's only the WLFs that have them.

rainslacker20d ago

Not even sure there are more than 3-4 encouters with dogs. There were a couple with the last faction there in the end. 2 I think.

goldwyncq20d ago

I’m glad Neil didn’t cave in and added that option. It’s funny how unspeakable violence against other humans are completely okay in games but once you touch animals some people would consider such an act as going too far.

nowitzki200420d ago

I agree but I cant blame them.. Have you seen humans lately?

CanadianTurtle20d ago

Have you seen pitbulls lately?

ZeroBlue220d ago

@canadianturtle Dog bite deaths are a statistical anomaly. You're more likely to be struck by lightning than die to a dog, and this is including all dogs, not just pitbulls. The pitbull hysteria is largely driven by emotion, not data. Humans take on voluntary risks daily, for instance, a swimming pool is also more likely to kill your child than pitbulls, but no one is crusading against swimming pools. *shrug*

remixx11620d ago


I love how you delivered this comment

MrBobSugar19d ago

It's because dogs are better than people.

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SaveFerris20d ago

Your character should instead have the option to pet them and rub their bellies. That way, no digital doggos need go to (digital) heaven.

SonyStyled20d ago

Your character can pet them, throw balls, toys, and kill them too! Did you just start the game or haven’t played yet?

SaveFerris19d ago

Haven't played it. I meant petting them instead of killing.

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The story is too old to be commented.