Stadia announces 16 upcoming games, including ‘Sekiro’ and ‘NBA 2K21’

'NBA 2K21' and 'Outriders' will come to Stadia at the same time they launch on other platforms.

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Npugz7335d ago

Stadia the biggest waste of money I have ever spent!

TheEnigma313335d ago

You must have been in denial. Anyone with half a brain knew the stadia was going to flop and be a disaster.

Abnor_Mal335d ago

Supermassive is making a game for Stadia exclusively. I don't know what the size of there team is, or even if they have multiple teams , and I don't think they are that big or multi teamed to be able to make an exclusive Stadia game while still working on the Dark Pictures anthology.

Also I wonder if this exclusive is a tell that Sony were unable or unwilling to acquire Supermassive to be a part of their first party team. We might even hear that they're now a first party Stadia studio in the near future.

lazyboyblue335d ago

"Stadia anno......."

Hey, where'd everybody go?

zacfoldor335d ago

Wow. Sekiro has incredibly tight timing on consoles. I wonder what it will be like to play on a streaming platform. Best of luck with that one. I hope it works out great.

UltraNova335d ago

That would be a great test for Stadia. Hopefully we'll get some objective testing when it's out.

ColonelRex335d ago

Stadia is coming along nicely. It's getting big 3rd party support now. Just about all the big 3rd party games are coming to stadia. And stadia even have some exclusives though it definitely needs more. Competition is a great thing, Xbox, PS, and Stadia will all get even better because of it.

TheEnigma313335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

stadia is no competition; don't kid yourself.

nowitzki2004335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

ATM no one is worried about Stadia. Xbox fanboys will buy ps4 before stadia and ps fanboys will buy Xbox before stadia.

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