Death Stranding PC Gameplay Looks Great in Native 4K60 FPS – RTX 2080 Ti Performance Max Settings

CG writes: Here are some Death Stranding PC gameplay videos from the beginning of the game. First video showcases the opening 50 minutes whilst the others are further into the game. The videos highlight the performance when running at 4K and max settings using an RTX 2080 Ti.

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DonDon300074d ago

2080ti is a $1200 graphics card tho...

CaptainHenry91674d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I'm waiting for the RTX 3000 series because they're designed for 4K 60fps and Ray Tracing because of it's architecture. A RTX 3080 will also be cheaper than a 2080ti

Father__Merrin74d ago

what about a 1060? absolute desperate and pathetic to only feature the highest end card. this is how insecure they are

nowitzki200474d ago

Who are "they"?

Shiore2u74d ago

Father__Merrin likes to project his insecurities onto others, so who knows.

timotim74d ago

Just like ALL games would! Thats why we must be vocal to devs about 60fps options in next-gen games. Doesnt matter the game or platform...60fps at decent resolution is going to trump 4K/30fps anyday of the week.