Ghost of Tsushima Review - Gaming Target

Repetitive mission structures frustrate the experience somewhat, but Ghost of Tsushima is Sucker Punch at their best.

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Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PC Review – Peace Doesn’t Always Come Quietly

Ghost of Tsushima has made its debut on PC, and here's how well it holds up.

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Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut PS5 vs PC Graphics Comparison

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is now available on PC, and here's how it stacks up against the PS5 version.

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purple1012d ago

ps5 keeps up with the best on this one. GOT:2 is going to be reeeedicolous

Cacabunga1d 10h ago

To me RDR2 still is the most detailed game ever made.. everything is better in that game.

Babadook71d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Disagree. TLoU Pt2 was more detailed, at least when compared on console hardware.

Killa781d 3h ago

Rdr2 was so blurry lol

StormSnooper1d 1h ago

TLOU2 was head and shoulders above. But I’m not sure why we are even comparing these top notch games when they all offered us a level of excellence not common in gaming.

Babadook76h ago


Which console is RDR2 running on in your link? It doesn't actually say. Also TLoU Pt2 is visually more detailed even in that video.

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RaidenBlack17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

RDR2 has much more simulation than TLOU II and is a much bigger and dynamic world than TLOU II.
CP2077 also looks ridiculous with a big simulated world.
Alan Wake II is another recent looker with incredible graphics and detail.

Sonic18811d 12h ago

This is my first time ever playing this game and I'm enjoying the PC version

Cacabunga1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

Amazing gameplay mechanics and soundtrack

Sonic18811d 5h ago

Absolutely. I can't believe I missed out on this 🤔

VariantAEC1d ago

Sorry that you did miss out on it. Console gamers were eating well on the PS4 and on PS5. At least you get to experience some of these games now.

DustMan1d 7h ago

People even get downvotes for saying they play on PC. LOL. Same boat as you man. It's fantastic on PC.

Gamingsince19811d 5h ago

They have 1 disagree in 6h ..........yeah all those disagrees 🙃

Nittdarko1d 12h ago

As a PC gamer, the difference is negligible for a $2500+ machine vs a $500 PS5 and considering its part of PS+ the $70 price tag is crazy

Einhander19721d 11h ago

So what you're actually saying is that the PS5 and PS+ are a great value, right?

Nittdarko18h ago

Yea I should have clarified that I have both and PS+ is really great value when most of these games run at 4k60fps, It was more a comment on "if you've already played it, should I bother with the PC version" and the answer is clearly no

VincentVanBro1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

its $60 on PC and runs great on a $300 gpu (a $700 PC runs it perfectly w/ higher settings than PS5 and still 4k 60fps), no need for something even close to $2500 for this one. Also, this isn't the game to measure the difference between $2500 pc and ps5, its an updated ps4 game. Try Cyberpunk 2077 w/ path tracing or Alan Wake 2 to see the real difference.

Babadook71d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Where do you get such a PC for $700?

As for Cyberpunk I'd say that was poorly optimized for console hardware.

Number1TailzFan1d 2h ago

Exactly, even DF showed Alan Wake 2 running on a 3080 with a 2x performance increase (over 100FPS) vs a PS5 at similar settings.

just_looken1d 2h ago

You are 100% right 5yr old pc can easily match the god tier ps5 console everyone jerks off too.

The game also has no intrusive drm runs great on pc another dam good port job.

andy851d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

Now I've gotten into PC gaming I've noticed it is. The difference between ultra and console settings is something you'd only really notice much side by side. Certainly not when in full flow playing. (Apart from proper RT games) The only proper advantage is the frame rate, which when you go above 60 its very negligible anyway.

DustMan1d 7h ago

Exactly. I've come to notice the difference between Ultra/High, and even medium settings sometimes can be hard to notice unless you're deliberately looking for the differences as well. A lot of folks seem to think you need a $2000 GPU to enjoy pc gaming when a midrange card that costs similar to a new console can perform exceptionally well for years.

VincentVanBro1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Depends on the game. Baldur’s Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Alan Wake 2, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Helldivers 2, and many others are substantially better on PC if you have the computer to run them at max settings.

andy851d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

Bought BG3 again on my Laptop because I loved it that much, honestly it's barely different. Obviously higher frame rates. But a CRPG is certainly not something you need over 60 on. CP2077 I'd agree because the full RT and PT on that is awesome. And AW2 on console is stunning anyway. Like I said it's mostly about frame rates not how the game actually looks

Number1TailzFan1d 2h ago

60 -> 90+ FPS is not a negligible difference, many people can see and feel the extra smoothness, but each to their own.

andy851d 2h ago

True everyone's different but it certainly is to me. There's only a small difference visually to me at 144. Every single day if the week I'd be pushing the settings to max to play at 60 locked rather than drop fidelity for over 60 fps.

just_looken1d 2h ago

Sorry but native 4k 120hz on a 58ich screen maxed out no dlls/fsr shit is way better than a glorified tablet aka ps5 using every upscale crap tech out there.

andy851d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

I was with you tbh until you said glorified tablet. That tablet produces stunning games for it's price. Forbidden West Burning Shores is still the best looking game I've ever played. Native 4K doesn't suddenly make a game worlds above anything. It's a massive waste of resources. I play in 1440 on my monitor and it looks just as good as my TV with the screen size.