Ghost of Tsushima review: You’ve played this before - Polygon

A great setting let down by rote design

mrsolidsteel201175d ago

Interesting, so it might be safe to say that Polygon will say the same thing about Cyberpunk when that game is release.

jukins1175d ago

Because it's a fps where do things that you've done in other games. Nothing in cyberpunk is new or innovative but the complete package seems to be well done. Seems they're nitpicking here.

Think the op is just saying if they do t say rhe same thing then theres obvious bias or clickbaiting

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DarXyde1174d ago

This review was bound to be posted regardless, but I'm very unsuprised to see it was shared by you.
Never stop being your predictable self, Kribwalker.

To mrsolidsteel20's point, I would guess they mean that Cyberpunk 2077 isn't doing anything remarkably new. I don't agree or disagree (haven't play it obviously, and don't know much about it because I'm doing a media blackout).

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-Foxtrot1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

These kind of reviews should be tread on carefully by the reviewer or site because it marks them both by gamers towards any future reviews they'll do if they end up giving new IPs or even sequels praise despite the fact they also end up doing roughly the same thing. If they don't complain about those games and hold it up to the same standard they called out games like Ghost of Tsushima then it's going to be "why rules for one and not the other?"

I mean don't see them complaining this much with Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Sims, Animal Crossing, Zelda etc even with some instalments of these games removing features found in past games. I could go on.

This review is an opinion and we should let them have it but like I said they need to watch what they say by making those statements if they end up reviewing another game but give it a free pass despite doing the same things. It's just going to make them look like hypocrites at the end of the day.

People did the same thing for Days Gone despite the fact other games similar got a free pass

mrsolidsteel201175d ago


Couldn't agree more Fox.

throne1175d ago

I feel days gone got crapped on coz most reviewers didn't go to far or finish it and assumed the story was just a cliche

solideagle1175d ago

Add pokemon and smash bros on the list as well...

-Foxtrot1175d ago


Oh Pokemon is a good one

Especially after shitty Sword and Steel, people ignoring the flaws when it came to reviews.

ShadowWolf7121175d ago


Oh, that's already been proven. One review rather specifically hinted they thought Jessie was the game's final boss. lol

TheKingKratos1175d ago

hehe, finally i agree with you on something

Zodiac1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

You’re listing series, though. You expect them them to be similar. This is different - completely different IP that feels like you’re in playing another IP. I haven’t played it, so I can’t say, but I see people saying “what about______” and they are all series over a decade old and It’s not a good comparison.

This review is exactly that joke about PS exclusives - what is it? 3rd person, over the shoulder camera and dark, low lighting? It’s not COMPLETELY off the mark and a few reviews have noted this. The game still has a great average score, so it’s not too damaging.

Also the average score for games like COD and Pokemon has dropped, notably, over the last few installments, so people aren’t ignoring it.

-Foxtrot1175d ago


That's completely backward

Sequels should EXPAND on what came before with gameplay features that are relevant to the series and respects the franchise enough to make it feel like a natural progression that belongs in whatever franchise it is.

New IPs should get the benefit of the doubt, you can't expect every new franchise to reinvent the wheel, it would be totally different if that new IP had a sequel and it was almost EXACTLY the same without hardly any improvement.

RgR1175d ago

I don't recall playing a samurai open world before either so it's quite honestly a lie to say we've played this before. Unless I'm mistaken.

rainslacker1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

This review is a click bait, just like all of other Polygon's reviews.

Reviewers shouldn't worry about what the community says about them. If they are, they're playing politics, and have already given up their credibility to save face.

Review the game the way you see fit, and people will agree or disagree either way. Doesn't matter if the community lashes out, or if I, or you, feel they're wrong.

Trying to remain consistent isn't the same as being unbiased, because while many games have similar traits, it doesn't mean they all share the same experience.

Chard1175d ago

All reviews are opinions. You're supposed to read/watch then make a judgement about whether it's for you. There's no need to treat them as anything more than that.

WelkinCole1175d ago

Not just Days Gone. HZD as well.

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chiefJohn1171175d ago

Cyberpunk is definitely doing something unique.

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starchild1175d ago

Yes, it is. So is Ghost of Tsushima. It's such a generic complaint to say "this game is derivative", because it's a complaint that is used so selectively and disingenuously.

All games are built on the backs of games that came before it. Every new game is partially derivative and partially a new fresh synthesis. But when you want to hate on something you can always fall back on the ol' "it's derivative" talking point.

Zhipp1175d ago

What other games are there like cyberpunk? I'm genuinely curious as I've been hyped for that game for ages. If I could've been playing the same thing all these years then I've been missing out.

P_Bomb1175d ago

From the demo I watched you just drive around a basic city doing basic missions for underworld types that swear a lot. The car chase shootout looked like it could be on-rails. Dunno.

UltraNova1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Try GTA in a futuristic - cyberpunk setting with Deus Ex-esq augmentations.

Zhipp1175d ago

There have been many demos and previews over the past two years. The biggest appeal to this game is the idea of a
branching narrative driven by the players choices. That's why a lot of the customizations (your backstory, etc) are not necessarily primarily for "gameplay" perks, but more like the charisma stat in Fallout. They change the way your character fits in the world, which is a big deal for a Western RPG.

On top of that, there are tons of different playstyles afforded by the plethora of augmentations you can get. I highly suggest you look at some of the other demos. There are hours of gameplay, but if you don't have time there are some nice breakdowns by a few fan channels. We still haven't seen all there is to see it the game either, as these demos are only from early on in a 100hr+ rpg.

This game is not gta. Gta is an action adventuee sandbox. Cyberpunk is more along the lines of The Witcher 3, but with fps mechanics, a car instead of a horse, and (hopefully) even more freedom of choice due to not being constricted to a predefined character. It's a WRPG, through and through.

I haven't gotten around to playing Deus ex yet, but as far as I can tell, it's not to the scale of what they're promising in Cyberpunk. Though I'm still looking forward to playing through the series.

savedsynner1175d ago

Polygon's credibility is in the toilet. They have an overarching social justice agenda and their reviews are a joke.

starchild1175d ago

Agreed. They're a joke.

WelkinCole1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Its the same shit that happened with Days Gone and HZD. PS exclusives really are held to higher reviewing standards

SyntheticForm1175d ago

As long as it's a fun game overall, I don't mind. It absolutely looks like a good time to me.

To be honest, I expected a lot of people to talk about repetition and the game loop after seeing the narrated video with Nate Fox. I liked what I was seeing, but I knew it wasn't terribly fresh either, and I knew it definitely wasn't breaking new ground in anything. I thought that Nate Fox was trying to make things sound more impressive than they are, like Jin's armor customization. When he told us something to the effect of 'We can go in loud or quiet' I thought to myself "Big deal, you have this option in every game. This isn't special."

That being said, I also know that I very much enjoy games like this. I enjoy open worlds and map clearing as long as most of it's quality; if the combat and traversal are fun, and there's enough variation in activity, and the environments are nice, and the characters are cool, I'll totally get into it.

Game's don't have to be groundbreaking and amazing. By the looks of it, this game is neither, but it does look like some good ol' escapism and fun, which is what I expect out of a video game. It also looks visually impressive. So, overall, I think I'm looking at a great game here and I'm looking forward to the 17th.

dumahim1174d ago

Polygon really seems to be the kings of bad takes, aren't they?

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solideagle1175d ago

It does seem like a joke. I wonder Polygon writes this about COD, Assasins creed, smash bros and Pokemon. It is ok to differ but you have to be neutral and do it with all other games as well.