Price War: Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 -- Fight

PC World takes a comprehensive look (with charts) at Xbox 360 and PS3 base and component costs as Black Friday looms.

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Jamie Foxx4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

it makes you realise how much you do get with a ps3, sony do need to offer backwards compatibilty through a software update though.

360 is a bit like lego you need to build it

Oner4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Exactly Jamie. But in all honesty you could easily knock off $40-$45 ACCROSS THE BOARD for all the systems (excect the Elite) because the price of an HDMI is really only about $5-$10 online. So it would be less expensive for the purchaser than the chart actually shows for the PS3 as well as the 360.

And to be fair not everyone will need a WiFi adapter for their 360 BUT IT STILL IS AN EXPENSE for a hell of a lot of people. Plus there is no accounting for 360 controller batteries (needed one way or the other) or a possible charge N play kit (not necessarily needed but in the long run is cheaper than buying batteries all the time and more convenient).

chaosatom4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

How much is Wifi right now in stores ??????????

A wifi for me is a Must.

Jamie Foxx4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

but yet again thats more expense, 360 was and is a crafty move by microsoft to get 360s into homes but i think its very good and noble of microsoft offering refurbished HD's to arcade owners because i am sure alot of parents will feel duped when they realise its to be honest a 'gimped' console, like a said 360 is just like lego ...

ultimolu4243d ago

So true Jamie, so true.

BaSeBaLlKiD7214243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

the wi-fi adapter is $99.99

yeah, a rip-off but hey, its microsoft

Aclay4243d ago

"360 is a bit like lego you need to build it"

LOL, that's one of the funniest comments I've read all day.

You get so much with the PS3 standard and when the PS3 drops to $299, it's going to make the Xbox 360 look vastly overpriced. Even at the $399 price, for what you get with the PS3 I think that it's a deal.

With the 360 you have to buy so many add-on's just to equal what the PS3 already has.

However, when the PS3 hits $299, I think that Microsoft will have to start bundling free Wifi adapters and Battery Charge Kits with the 360 or something to compete with the PS3 because a 60GB Xbox 360 with No Wifi, No Blu-ray, and No Free Online Gameplay for $299 will make the 360 look overpriced when it will be selling against the 80GB PS3 at $299 next year.

Jamie Foxx4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

need to advertise its advantages and to be honest be a bit more ruthless,if it was reversed ms would be highlighting 'free online,bluray,wifi,bluetooth' etc over sony and you know this by the way the arcade model is all you see advertised on television at a low price with parents not realising its a bare bones console.

but goodluck to microsoft their ruthless attitude is working, they knowingly put ot a faulty console just to be first to market,then offered 3 year warranty and there still here, people may not like there actions but there ruthlessness is paying divendends,alls fair in love and war sony need to get a bit ruthless in advertising its strengths over the competition and take a leaf out of microsofts book coz their advertising is in a word...amazing

Agent VX4243d ago

First of all, the WiFi is not needed for many. Personally, I run ethernet on both my PS3 and 360, so the WiFi on the PS3 was a waste. For the people who need WiFi on their 360, no doubt the WiFi adapter is way overpriced.

I think the writer also left out the most important part when buying a system, and that is its games. And here, easily, the 360 has the PS3 beat.

There are the extras like batteries for the 360 which are cheap. I rather buy a $15 dollar battery that in 2 to 3 years have to replace a $50 controller on the PS3 when there batteries die.

Either way, you will pay a bit of cash for both, but again, the gaming catalog is the most important to me, and the 360 is the winner here, no questions asked. And for all the online players, again, the 360 is the clear winner here also.

Jamie Foxx4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

and so by your reckoning the ps3 is 2 years old now so within the next year we all have to go out and buy new controllers, and you get your facts from.....?

360 and ps3 both have good games simple as

joydestroy4243d ago

yeah bro, i own both and my collection is equal for both.
sometimes i go on a PS3 playing binge, and sometimes i'll play the crap out of my 360.

Agent VX4243d ago

^^^ FOXX

LOL, check your facts. Rechargeable batteries only have a few years of life, them are the facts. Helpful hint, make sure you recharge your controllers at least once a month, or the life of the batteries will even be lower.

And when the rechargeable batteries start to go on the PS3 controller, you either have to leave it plugged in or buy a new controller ($50). Hey, don't hate me, I am just the messenger.

I couldn't care less if the PS3 was released a week ago or 5 years ago, it has the worse library of games, this can't be argued by any reasonable thinking human, only dim witted fanboys would say otherwise.

Jamie Foxx4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

if ps3 owners are not having to replace controllers then we know your comment was nothing more than tripe actually judging by your comment some controllers should be dying now.....

as for your dislike of ps3 games of corse thats your opinion and i respect that

Aquanox4243d ago

Wi Fi is absolutely necessary?

Take that out off the the maths and you save $100.

Plus you can find 20GB HDDs for $30 at Amazon. $70 less...

Also, I'm not sure if adding online is fair since not everyone plays their games online, and you still can wait 1 month to pay for it in Pro+ Models.

Flawed analysis.

Ju4243d ago

@Agent, WTH are you talking about. Don't try to make a case out of things you know nothing about. Before the batteries die in the Sixaxis the controller will break. I have 4 since about a year. Your theory of "wearing out" batteries usually will become apparent by a shorter battery live over time and more recharges because of that. Well, guess what. Doesn't happen to me. And, know what, I know this, because I actually own them. So stop making things up here.

Lifendz4243d ago

when a 360 owner points to PS3 owners potentially having to buy a brand new controller when the rechargeable battery dies.

So besides the free online, standard wifi inclusion, standard HDD, ability to use ANY HDD I want, and the reliability of the hardware, I guess all that is negated by the fact that I may one day have to buy a new controller cuz my rechargeable battery died? Oh man, consider yourself self-pwned.

360 is a ripoff. Has been ever since MS decided to abandon standard HDD in order to stay cheaper than Sony. Still no wifi included in the system? C'mon MS. Still requiring people to pay to simply get online and play games with others? Does MS think they exist in a vacuum? Even the Wii offers standard Wifi and free online.

PS3 is a bargain at 399.99. When the price goes to 299.99 MS might as well mail us all a free 360 and hope to recoup their losses on what we spend to play games using Live.

Oh, and the in house games do not match Sony's. They don't. MS can buy all the exclusive DLC ([email protected]) and make 3rd party exclusives multiplat, but it does not refute the fact that Gears 2 and Halo 3 do not come close to matching the likes of Sony's in house games.

Jinxstar4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

I agree. I even wrote a blog post which has still yet to be approved. I'll link it for you Jamie... Anyone else whose interested please read.

BrianC62344243d ago

"360 is a bit like lego you need to build it"

Hey, a new videogame. Lego 360. I wonder if it will be multiplatform? :)

I wish more people would write about this major issue though. I'm not putting the 360 down but I get tired of reading how the PS3 is too expensive. No it isn't. Gaming is an expensive hobby to begin with. You can either buy the console in one box or the Microsoft way and add a bunch of parts on. Maybe everyone won't need all of the parts but you might later. I had my PS3 in my livingroom but I just got an HDTV for my bedroom and moved my PS3 in there too. Now I use the wifi. Before I plugged a cable in. I didn't have to worry about anything but buying an HDMI cable.

PS3 FTW4243d ago


Crap version of 360 is more expensive than PS3 and if you add in blu-ray it makes the 360 another few hundreds more!

Wireless antenna for $100 is such a rip! I don't know why I wasted my money on it :(

phosphor1124243d ago

Free with my USB headsets (even Bluetooth) are cheaper than 30 bucks, but I guess they wanted to stick with "official" items.

Also Best Buy is a bad place to look for a HDD for the ps3. For LESS THAN 100 dollars you can get a 320G HDD (7200 RPM, current fastest for 2.5inch HDD's) at

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pp4243d ago

Great to know xbox360 is worth the price as for ps3 its just a sad story which i can't be botherd to read because it will take all day.

Darkseider4243d ago

Everytime pp speaks a puppy dies.

Rockstar4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Would you kindly stop coming to N4G.

*hopes pp has played BioShock*

Also, no doubt it would take you all day to read, since you have to sound out all of the words.

HINT: Some words are spelled differently than they sound.

blackbeld4243d ago

KO!! PS3 WINS.... do you get it PP?

You lose..

Darkseider4243d ago

Shows that the price of entry for a 80gig PS3 is less than all of the 360s and thats NOT including a Blu-Ray. Nice to see that $399 is far more than a justifiable price. Now let's see what happens when the PS3 gets a price cut next year.

Blademask4243d ago

at the understood higher pricepoint. So yea, a price drop could only be a good thing.

I'd say MS has more to worry about with the PS3's price drop, since Sony has been performing fine with the PS3's already understood lower price.

chaosatom4243d ago

Stop replying to him. plz.

PimpHandHappy4243d ago

PP has one bubble


and responding to a fool is akin to hand feeding a snikers to an old bear

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