It's Time to Give Up on Google Stadia

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Most egregious of all, these were issues we were complaining about back around the time Stadia launched! For them to be still be affecting the platform now points to nothing else but Google Stadia being a failed gaming platform, not unlike the Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3DO or Gizmondo (comparing to the Dreamcast, PS Vita or Wii U would be too generous). The day has come. It’s time to give up on Google Stadia."

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SegaGamer21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I never even got started with it, I wasn't interested in what it had to offer and I'm still not.

Companies need to be very careful before putting all of their eggs in the streaming basket, it may not catch on like they hope it will. This is where Sony and Microsoft have an advantage, it's an option with them, they aren't foolishly offering this as the only way to play their games.

sampsonon21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

MS is going that route and fast. People don't see it or are giving them a pass. I see them going full stream after this gen. Wait? Are they even having a gen this time? I thought i heard that MS doesn't believe in gens anymore.... am i wrong? Sony seems to be vehement about it, but MS seems to want to stream to every platform.
Nothing wrong with that right? Oops!? Everyone is happy that Stadia is failing, Forgot,

traumadisaster21d ago

It might be time to consider dropping the next gen thing since xsx beats the ps5, their games will both look great and multiplats will make use of the extra resources for better gfx and more stable or higher frame rates.

Also buying a game for xsx and then going to another location and streaming the game is a nice option and I expect Sony will eventually do the same.

MajorLazer21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

They're still offering proper dedicated hardware. Streaming is another option to them, not just the only option. Who knows what will happen 6-7 years down the line, it's asinine to think about potential next-next gen consoles when the next ones haven't even released yet.

For some perspective, Virgin Media hope to have 1Gbps connections into 15 million households by the end of 2021. By 2026-27, internet infrastructure should be far beyond what we have right now, making streaming much more viable than today.

FallenAngel198421d ago

Can’t give up on something you never gave a chance to begin with

Knightofelemia21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Should have buried this dead horse a long time ago and yet Google is still beating it. No matter what tricks or features you bring people don't want Stadia while they are eagerly waiting for the PS5 and Series X. Again a magazine rack of games that Stadia offers or a library of games PS5 and Series X have to offer I personally prefer a library over a magazine rack.

traumadisaster21d ago

For people that take games seriously and post on this site like us, want a console. mainstream or non gamers could get interested if stadia was working better and that market is huge. Don't forget competition is good from a consumer point and that is good for all of us, it's not like stadia is kicking your dog, its like a drunk uncle wondering about in the woods

Knightofelemia21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Pretty sure my drunk uncle would not touch Stadia and pretty sure my dog wouldn't even use Stadia as a chew toy. Stadia was poorly planned right out of the gate it was rushed their subscription base plus pay a for a game is useless. Developers totally blow by Stadia some release a few games the thing has lag you stand a higher of chance of getting an STD before seeing a really good game like RDR2 released on Stadia. Stadia has crap for games released on the thing. Stadia is an shining example as to why the Atari VCS will fail and the competition that Stadia has is PS5 and Xbox Series X and they are popping up their heads and people want those two consoles over Stadia. For the price of Stadia you are better to put the cash towards a PS5 or a Series X.

Stanjara21d ago

Who uses this crap anyway?

S2Killinit21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Its kind of a stupid move to try to enter the console market if you have no history of game development at this point.

traumadisaster21d ago

You should be happy they did to improve competition, we are all on team consumer.

SierraGuy21d ago

What did they do to "improve competition"?

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