The Ubisoft Forward stream was missing these games

The Ubisoft Forward stream contained a decent number of games from the publisher. But it didn't have everything. Here are games that were MIA.

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morganfell30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well they did have Slam Fisher in there...

Oh wait you said game and I thought you mean an action they perpetrated.

LordoftheCritics29d ago

The highlights were some tired sequels, and a decent cinematic for Far Cry 6.

Where's all the new IP's?

Was more like Ubisoft Backward.

morganfell29d ago

I get Ubi wanting to hold some things for a second conference. But you are on point. For a forward looking wasn’t.

RaidenBlack28d ago

What's up with not showing Beyond Good n Evil 2 and Gods n Monsters?
A simple in-game trailer from each of them would've been appreciated. (Ubi is known for "in-game/gameplay" trailers)
They showed a freakin' CG trailer for FC6 in this day and age ....