Kojima Productions says Death Stranding PC ‘like watching a movie’ compared to ‘a TV drama’ on PS4

Art director discusses changes in PC port.

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ps3rider992d ago

However not every one goes to watch movies in cinema ... Drama audiences is the majority

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Vx_992d ago

A boring movie will always be a boring movie, doesn’t matter where you watch it.

Ivar_Ragnarsson991d ago

Logged in just to upvote you

CobraKai991d ago

Kinda click bait title. Shinkawa is talking about the ultra widescreen setting for the PC which will also transfer to the cutscenes. The ultra wide aspect ratio would make it look more like movie. I’m fine with my PS4 copy being like a TV movie since I don’t have an ultra wide monitor.

lociefer991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Wow, what a way to spin this. But regardless, the game was a boring piece of trash on ps4 and still is on Pc, just prettier.

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OpenGL992d ago

I'm sure it looks better on the PC but I found the game to be extremely tedious on the PS4.

C-H-E-F992d ago

I haven't played it yet, but from all of the memes i saw, it appears to be more of a job than a game. I do look forward to picking it up on the PC later this year though. Didn't get around to getting it on my PS4 when it released and with the PS5 dropping I doubt i'll complete it before it that hits the market.

LoveSpuds992d ago

I would urge you to make your own mind up, personally, I found it completely addictive and ended up quite sad when the Platinum trophy popped as I still had the urge to play. Each to their own chief, but if the game clicks for you, there is a tremendous amount of fun to be had.

crazyCoconuts992d ago

I just started it on a PS4 Pro last weekend and so far it's been incredible. More addicting than any other game I've played this year. The story is interesting (and of course Kojima's brand of bizarre) and keeps you going. Yea, on the surface it's just transporting but it's deeper than that and can really draw you in. I'm impressed so far.
Oh, and it looks f'in beautiful

MadLad992d ago

I gave the game a shot, but it's the definition of monotony.

Anomander991d ago

@traecy you mean like 99%of games MS does on console that can be played on PC, but not on PS or Switch with the exception of Minecraft, and 1 or two others.

GoodGuy09992d ago

Lol people are knocking on this game now that it is no longer a ps exclusive. Funny.

Z501992d ago

This game has been getting knocked for at least a year

Traecy992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

It's still pretty much a PS4 gaming console exclusive. It can not be played on a XB or a Switch gaming console.

porkChop992d ago

Yeah I've noticed now that it's coming to PC there are far less people defending the game.

rainslacker992d ago

I see the same people that knocked it as a PS exclusive, knocking it now. Just because it's on PC, doesn't mean people aren't still associating the game with PS. The people that played it on PS either liked it or didn't, and most of the one's I recognize haven't really changed their view of the game. Maybe if it released on Xbox it'd be a different matter.

FunAndGun991d ago

No, it has always been a turd, and I only game on PS.

OpenGL989d ago

I pre-ordered the game in 2016 and thought it was mediocre on release day. One of the few full priced games this gen I didn't finish and I own every platform so I play a lot of games.

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rainslacker992d ago

I've always found that PC tends to have more of that video look that I'd associate with TV dramas(or most TV nowadays), compared to consoles which tend to add in effects to give it more of a movie type feel to actually help reduce the rendering times. motion blur and softening the image is more common on consoles due to being easier to render, which is what is associated with movies actually captured on film. Movies captured on digital cameras add that stuff in in post nowadays, because it's jarring to the user otherwise. PC tends to have more sharpness which I associate with video, or things on 4K TV's which upscan content to give it more of a video look. I think most people know the phenomenon of things seeming like they're from a video recorder when they first saw a 4K TV source. It's really clear, but the viewer isn't used to that sharpness, and video doesn't produce motion blur in the same way film does.

Kribwalker991d ago

in the games you’ve developed have you ever done a filmic style? or are you attributing the faster FPS on the PC making it appear less filmic and more like a video?

rainslacker991d ago

More the sharpness of the image, which is more what you see from video camera capture than you see from film, which has that photo feel to it. Most things captured with a digital camera nowadays has a very sharp feel to the image, and I've always felt that games on better equipped PC rigs tend to have sharper images. Things like motion blur or more saturated images like you'd see on film are actual ways to improve performance without sacraficing image quality too much, and devs can get away with it because we are used to such things through other forms of media...namely movies, and TV shows captured on film.

And yes. I've worked on two AAA games with major publishers, and both used what I assume you are referring to with the term "filmic styles". If you mean cinematic type games....basically any modern AAA game with a SP story campaign. in both those games, the filters used were to make them appear more film like, adding motion blur, and saturating the image a bit more than they were naturally.

However, I do think you thought my reference in my original comment was about the feeling of dissonence that newer TV's offer upon first experiencing them, which is also caused by the higher refresh rate of the image....which wasn't my point, but could also be included, since PC will have higher fps.

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Father__Merrin992d ago

I've still not played it. Hopefully a ps5 conversion is released

Minute Man 721992d ago

Nah they should Smart Delivery it

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Unspoken992d ago

But you might have to pay for it on PS5.

AKS991d ago

"But you might have to pay for it on PS5."

Why, because it doesn't have a corporate marketing term attached to it? Was anyone charged fees for the Pro updates to Ratchet and Clank or inFamous? Call it "Intelligent Shipment" if that helps you understand Pro-style patches did not cost anything. BTW, I had a Pro and an OLED at that time, and those patches gave those games massive visual upgrades over the base settings. They mainly have charged when there was a substantial rework of the game. I don't expect to get the PS5 Demon's Souls for free just because I bought the PS3 version several years ago; the level of detail in the PS5 version looks like they put more work in this remake than most brand new games. Death Stranding does not need to be entirely rebuilt from the ground up because it isn't even a year old. A PS5 update would have no problem making it look and run much better, and it would be easier than the early Pro updates considering most of the work has probably already been done in this PC port.

DrDeath992d ago

Literally will never play this job of a game

TheEnigma313992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

basically you're a follower; easily manipulated.

DrDeath992d ago

No i just watched streams and ganellay and reviews.

Not my kind of game. I respect my own time.

rainslacker992d ago

You respect your time, but you can finish this game, including much of the side stuff, in about the same time it takes to complete any regular SP game nowadays. You can certainly complete it along with much of the side stuff faster than you could many other open world games nowadays. If you really want to spend more time on it, it has that too.

j15reed991d ago

Wow a follower and easily manipulated coming from a Sony fan.

Melankolis991d ago

That's really okay, i tried First Person Shooters and Racing simulation genre but still not interested. I can't blame myself, i've tried.

Eamon992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

One of Death Stranding's biggest problems is that its combat is far worse than MGS5's. Which makes no sense to me. I get Kojima didn't want to make a combat-heavy experience and that DS's philosophy was about connecting humans together and thus killing other humans becomes an obvious contradiction. But ultimately, this led to its gameplay to suffer. The hiking sim of the game was outstanding and is probably the first of its kind. But outside of that - combat, delivery missions, boss fights, road-building - were all mediocore. The story has some truly novel elements but the narrative needed a pro script editor to fix it up. It's pretty bad if all the mystery reveals happen as one mega expo-bubble before/during/after the credits.

SamPao992d ago

I completely agree with you, just how I felt too.

rainslacker992d ago

Combat was OK. They had places where you could kill people, but it had consequences, and the BT sections were often kind of tense. I wouldn't call it super deep combat mechanics, but it wasn't basic by any means.

I do agree there was a lot of traversal in the game, but what I liked about the game was setting up networks of travel methods. Either my own, or along with other players in my instance. Was always cool to see people who used the things I built and integrated them into their own. I got onto my instance while it was still pretty new. I spent a lot of time just getting the resources to put into the roads, and probably contributed about 60-70% of those resources to many of them. It made me feel somewhat productive and helpful.

It's quest system did need some work, but over time, I just picked stuff going in the direction that I was going anyways, while sometimes picking up big jobs just to kill some time.

The story was good, with all the quirkiness and randomness you'd expect from Kojima