Ghost of Tsushima Official Launch Trailer

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sucker Punch released the official launch trailer of upcoming video game Ghost of Tsushima.

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morganfell30d ago

So wonderful seeing an enemy struck and it damages something besides a health bar. Thursday can't come soon enough.

morganfell30d ago

They do a 9pm launch here instead of waiting until midnight.

bouzebbal30d ago

An open world samurai game by a PlayStation first party studio.. Can it get any better??

mrsolidsteel2030d ago

Lucky you, regardless I have to wait until Friday. I have the collector’s edition coming on time hopefully.

morganfell29d ago

As soon as it went live I started hammering collectors editions from multiple sources to make sure I would get one then I kept the one that I could come in store and pick up directly because I didn’t want to leave anything in the hands of UP”your package has been delayed, lost, rerouted”S

Gaming4Life198130d ago

I already watched the last samurai so i could get into the samurai mindset lol. Ill be playing whenever the game unlocks.

rainslacker30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'm just reminded of Bushido Blade back on the PS1. No health bars, but if you landed a strike, it was insta-death, or debilitating if it wasn't a killing blow.

Granted, I think this game is more forgiving in general game play, but some of the individual battles look to play similar to that. Hope they're actually playable, and not more like QTE. Bushido Blade wasn't exactly the kind of game people enjoyed if they wanted something more casual, and took an understanding of what it was doing to appreciate it.

Finished up TLOU2 plat, working on cleanup for another plat now. Come Friday, I have this game pre-paid, and I'm off come Friday afternoon until the following Tuesday.

Been some good gaming these past few weeks....mostly because the wife is backed up on her work from the quarantine, so she's giving me free reign of the TV. She loves this samurai stuff more than me though, but don't think she has seen or heard of this game, so maybe she'll get into it.

morganfell30d ago

Smoked Nioh 2 now just hammering some W40k until this. Then in under 2 weeks after this we get the first massive DLC for Nioh 2 which surely features the most daring General in the history of the samurai.

morganfell30d ago

BTW, not only do I agree and likewise see elements of Bushido Blade - with a great many one hit kills and NA version having blood (and I loved that game despite the lack of story) but I also catch a glimpse of the later Kengo Master of Bushido series.

rainslacker30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I don't think I've ever played that game. I think I've seen the title somewhere though. True sword arts are kind of rare in gaming. Sometimes they'll use elements of it, typically stances, but actual sword techniques used in fighting are typically more aesthetic to add to the feel. You can still whack a guy 20 times on the head and they'll keep fighting.

Watching Kendo matches, you see how these fights are very clinical and often end up being reading your opponent. The sword play isn't even often that flourished as we see in most samurai movies or games. Certainly not to the level that Ninja's are portrayed in the media.

That can make for a rather dry game, even though it's probably much more accurate to how such things were done when fighting like that. Otherwise, a battlefield was certainly going to be more chaotic and fluid, as you wouldn't be following all the niceties involved in honor etiquette. But a good swordsman can still use those same techniques and flow from one to the next pretty fluidly.

Even European style sword play is mostly about form and technique....which is typically never represented well in any form of media, gaming or otherwise. Probably worse than Japanese martial arts sword work. Closest I've seen in fiction is probably Game of Thrones for some scenes usually involving Brienne and Jaime, but event they embellished a lot. I'm thinking back to when I was a kid, they had the olympic tryouts here in my state, and how bored I was at the fencing matches. Kendo is more entertaining, but probably because I've looked more into the style over the years and can respect what I see more.

Kind of lost the point in all, will just say, looking forward to playing this game this weekend.:)

morganfell30d ago

I have been an Eishin-ryu Iaido and Kenjutsu practitioner for decades. No one has been able to quite get it right. I would settle for close. As a student of that historical period as well, both formally and informally, this seized me the moment it appeared. I jumped on the collector's edition as well as the art book - whose release date has been pushed back to September. Come Thursday night the phone is being turned off and the doors bolted.

rainslacker30d ago

I think with games at least, it still comes down to having to make a fun experience. I think Bushido Blade for instance embellished some of the techniques and forms. I'll admit I'm not an expert on any of the various, or any, sword techniques that exist throughout the world or history, but I have a basic to decent enough understanding of some of them.

I am certainly more interested in the history and cultures behind these things though, and find Japanese history and culture particularly fascinating in how even today, it holds onto a lot of the old, while adopting the new, instead of trying to hold on in ways that are one way or the other. But core values are still held in reverence, and history is valued, even the bad stuff which helped shape them into what they believe today. It's something that within the past few weeks is even more admirable considering events, as us here in the US seem more than willing to just erase our history if it's offensive....but that's another subject I'd rather not get into.

This game had my attention when it was first shown, but I wouldn't say I was immediately hooked. I probably would have been eventually, but at the time, it wasn't because of the attention to detail or historical relevance they took care to craft. Even if it was more like modern martial arts movies which rely more on flare than technique, I probably be OK with it if that's what they were going for. I do think there was some of that shown in this trailer as well, but I did notice a lot of more traditional techniques and practices being shown, and prior showings have shown some of the culture surrounding the world.

I'll pick mine up Friday, and play it through monday as much as I can. I've been looking forward to it more than TLOU2 to be honest. But both in rapid succession is almost an overload. I really hope the game is good, but Sony has been knocking it out of the park this gen, so I'm not overly concerned.

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starchild30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I have a feeling this game will be incredible. It has been one of my two most anticipated games ever since it was announced. I think some people are underestimating it.

The combat looks really good. I don't know why some people are being negative about it. I've studied martial arts for many years (Aikido, jūjutsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Kendo and Jeet Kune Do). I have advanced ranks in a couple of them and more moderate amounts of training in a couple others. The only reason I mention my experience is because I feel that the combat in Ghost of Tsushima has a realism you don't see in many games. It's not perfectly realistic and accurate of course, because it's a game and it has to work and be enjoyable as a game. But it's clear the work they've put into it in terms of authenticity.

morganfell30d ago

Not kidding and my comments from last year through this year prove it. GOT has sat on the top of my list since it was announced. Nothing else was beside it. Nioh 2 I really anticipated and it did not let me down and it was number 2. The story shook me to my bones and I could not have anticipated that ending. Such an underrated piece of story telling. But this, this is on a whole other level. When it comes to historic works, the books I own on the era of the samurai are outnumbered only by works of my own lineage - the Norse myths and the history of the Scandinavian people, i.e. the Vikings. Unfortunately Ubi did not come close to what I have seen from Sucker Punch with this game and that is wholly inexcusable on Ubisoft's part. Despite what people say this will easily be a 100 hour game for me.

starchild30d ago

Seems like our tastes are very similar. I also see that you are a practitioner of martial arts. I hope you enjoy Ghost of Tsushima. I think it's going to be something special. Only three more days to go...

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Majin-vegeta30d ago

Been waiting since day 1.Csnt wait

SamTheGamer30d ago

Oh yeah! Can't wait to play this on 17th..

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GaboonViper30d ago

This looks absolutely phenomenal, surely a GOTY contender, cant believe its running on a PS4, i am gonna spend a lifetime on photo modealone before i slaughter the barbarian invaders.

rainslacker30d ago

Sony is piling up the GOTY level studios with their games this gen. They've always been good, or even great studios, but quite a few are being raised up to the elite status level now.

_dangerclose_30d ago

Its a spoil of riches for us PS gamers rain.

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