Death Stranding's PC Port Is Glorious

Khayl writes: "The PC version is the definitive way to experience Hideo Kojima's grim opus, Death Stranding, benefiting from increased graphical fidelity and performance."

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SamTheGamer31d ago

Suddenly it became glorious from a Walking simulator? Ehh?

Felix_Argyle_Catbro31d ago

There's been plenty of people who consider it to be a masterpiece all this time. You're obsessed.

Silly gameAr31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Are there plenty of people that consider it a masterpiece? Did they consider it a Masterpiece when it was on PS4, or only now because it's on PC? I remember how plenty of people pretty much trashed the game, though.

Fishy Fingers31d ago

They gave it a 9/10 on the PS4. You fanboys man, moan when anyone gives a bad review, moan when they give a good review (just because its on a different platform).

ABizzel131d ago

People were trolling the game there's no lie to what they're saying, however, the game did still go on to win the most GOTY awards anyway, so trolling or not it was still a critical success, and from what I can remember it was a sales success as well.

Looking forward to Kojima's next game.

greysun12331d ago

I actually really loved the game

lodossrage31d ago

Actually, you're both right.

It was ragged on as a walking simulator when it released on ps4 last year. So for people to suddenly call it "glorious" now is hypocritical.

But even with that, Felix is right in regard that there was always a segment of people that felt it was a great game.

tontontam031d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Actually it's a glorious walking simulator.

Imalwaysright31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

What people? This is an article written by one person. A person that writes for a website that gave the PS4 version a 4.5/5.

rainslacker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

if you generalize it's hypocritical. But if you want to call out individuals, then feel free to cite their original comments about it. Were PC gamers ragging on this game? Even now, it seems like it's usually Xbox fans who don't have good things to say about it, like calling it a walking simulator.

If you want to point out hypocrisy, I'd suggest doing a search for HellBlade 2, then going and see what people said about it in HB1 articles. You'll find plenty of instances of individual hypocrisy from both camps.

Lilrizky31d ago

The game obviously has issues, some of those being accessibility in some areas but I personally loved it. totally engrossed. I also loved the the slow and brooding natures that turned some people off in BOTW, RDR2 and even TLOU2 as well.

I just wanted to be immersed and DS did it for me. I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece but i still really enjoyed myself.

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RazzerRedux31d ago

There isn't anything "suddenly" about folks thinking the game is "glorious". It won more GOTY awards than any other game last year. You may not agree with how "glorious" it is but why are you surprised it would receive this reception when releasing on PC?

sin727931d ago

Agreed , hipocrates!

Imalwaysright31d ago

Here we go! PS fanboys predictably playing the victim yet again...

Rude-ro31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

There has to be something causing the “victim” card and the negative lean on articles brought here to n4g are more than obvious...
The game is not any better, it just can be visually improved per the hardware one MIGHT have on pc...
Regardless. A win for Sony, but 🤷🏻‍♀️

Imalwaysright31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

That something is fanboys wanting to pretend that Sony is some poor little victim wich comes in handy when a reviewer gives one of its games an average or low score and bullshit. The game is objectively better on the PC no matter how much you try to spin it however my stance regarding Death Stranding hasn't changed one bit despite PC being my platform of choice. It's a crappy game on the PS4 and a crappy game on the PC.

pwnmaster300031d ago

Don’t pretend this game didn’t get shitted on heavily man.
So yeah he is some what right. Maybe not with this article, but people in general.

Plus every fanboy plays the victim. Xbox fanboys plays the victim as much as Sony.

Imalwaysright31d ago


Don't give me your bullshit. Yes this game was shat on and in my opinion rightly so but it also won GOTY awards, received several 10/10 and 90+/10 scores and I saw many people around here defending it and what did I see here? PS fanboys immediately pulling the victim card because one, just ONE person, wrote an article praising the PC version? Absolutely pathetic.

rainslacker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It's fun watching all the same old arguments against this game come up like when it released on PS4. From the same people who are known to always be negative towards PS4. Then being said we're playing victim, when those people are obviously only care about this game, solely for the reason that it was on PS4 first, and that gives them the chance to antagonize the people they're saying are playing victim.

If you are tired of Sony fans playing the victim, then stop making this game about PS or Sony fans. It's not even a chicken and egg thing, but quite obvious what people are reacting to.

"PS fanboys immediately pulling the victim card because one, just ONE person, wrote an article praising the PC version?"

You must be new to the internet. Yeah, it was one article. But, you're comment was after what....a few comments in response. So now you use the same amount of hyperbole?

I mean, it couldn't be that all that old negativity is just coming to the surface after it was so rampant when the game released, and people are responding because they remember it from that time.

RazzerRedux31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Wish you would show the same zeal towards Xbox fans and their victim complex.

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Zeriitoo31d ago

Reading the headline, he refers to the Port being glorious in performance and graphical fidelity. Nothing to do with the actual content of the game.

thorstein31d ago

I personally love the game but acknowledge that it's not for everyone.

I do find it hilarious that the people who derided it are suddenly, "It's amazing!" (not these guys specifically.)

Seems to be happening quite a bit recently.

rainslacker31d ago

The PS4 version was pretty impressive in it's own right.

And game design isn't the same as graphical prowess. That's kind of been a theme going around in the SSD debate lately in case you missed it. A game can be the worst game ever, and still be the best looking game ever. The two things aren't inherently related, although performance is sometimes dictated by graphic levels.

Knushwood Butt31d ago

Death Stranding is a story driven game though.

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sushimama31d ago

Well done KOjima Productions

Toiletsteak31d ago

I'm still not sure about this game. Whenever I've watched gameplay footage it's always the same thing, carrying parcels on your back and walking really slow so you don't drop them. I might pick it up if it goes cheap but I'm not paying full price.

monkey60231d ago

If that doesn't catch to you then you're not going to enjoy it. Yes there's more to it but not by a big margin. I can fully understand someone not enjoying the game but it got far too much heat for what it is. I adored it and it connected with me like no other game did last year. My 3 best friends hated it.

Razmiran31d ago

I liked it a lot, but it has a REALLY slow start, like several hours slow. Its very hard to recommend and definetly not for everyone, but I really did like it a lot once the game opens up.

rainslacker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

There is more to it than that, but that is kind of a core part of it. Not really just walking slow, but managing your freight. Sometimes that requires walking slow, or using different methods to deliver besides walking. The parts where you have to carry large amounts of parcels to walk slow usually are limited, and offer other ways to deliver them that is usually more engaging.

The traversal is part of the game design though. It's not just walking from point A to B. It can be I suppose, but a lot of it is determining paths. The whole world is a puzzle, and there is really no limit on how to set up your travel networks. Couple that with using other people's travel networks in conjunction with your own, and it leads to a deeper experience than what many people seem to think this game offers.

The story itself is pretty good, albeit strange and silly. The combat is half decent with humans, but there is some variety in how to approach it. The BT sections of combat are more tense, and offer fewer options.

There's a decent crafting system as well.

The world is pretty desolate, and the NPC's are spread out and mostly non-interactive except to relay deliveries or accept them. But they offer up insights into human nature when taken as a whole.

Game is worth at least trying IMO. I wouldn't be influenced by people who claim it's something it's not. I'm sure that a price drop will happen at some point, or if you have a PS4, I'm sure a copy can be obtained cheap enough.

If you do buy it, I'd recommend pushing through about half the first big area of the game(can't remember which chapter) before going on to do the side stuff in full. You have a lot more options at about that point in the game. I made the mistake of trying to build networks and complete a lot of quests pretty early, and that slowed down what was already a slow start. But, after that point, the fun factor of the game increased significantly.

Lilrizky31d ago

Yeah it's very hard to describe or summarise why and how the basic mechanics are switched up and offer challenge and obstacles in the same way platforming levels in a Mario game would but you explained some pretty great examples.

I always compare it to bush walking or exploring. You're always looking ahead, looking at the terrain, seeing if you can balance your backpack and camping gear and bush walking is fun, it's just very inaccessible for me in my everyday life. Death Stranding was a nice nostalgic trip set in a fictional universe with a cool story fit in between.

Father__Merrin31d ago

wow playstation games are really unique cant wait for this on ps5

MetalGearsofWar31d ago

The best walking simulator. 10/10 imo, but not for everyone.

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