The Last of Us Part 2 Character Model Viewer in 4K is incredibly life-like (Timestamped)

A video looking at the female and male characters, animals and mutants in The Last of Us Part II model viewer in 4K resolution. Each character has been timestamped so you can skip to your favourite characters.

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Hellcat202033d ago

Yes it is
I was on this for hours just looking at those characters
Truly amazing

SamTheGamer33d ago

Meanwhile Ubisoft is giving us PS3/360 era character models.

33d ago
Bathyj32d ago

It's incredible but why is there no cinematic viewer in this game? The first one had it.

32d ago
Crazyglues33d ago

The detail is insane... wow

SyntheticForm32d ago

Best character models I've seen in a game. Every last one (npi) is packed with detail, and the rain/wet versions are spectacular.

Shezgear32d ago

The game needs a cinematic viewer. Also.. id love to play the story chronologically.

Qin198232d ago

After this game, majority of the games across all platforms look bad. God damn it, NAUGHTYDOG!!!

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