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Dylan Blight reviews Death Stranding on PC and says: "Death Stranding was one of the best games of 2020. In fact, we awarded it with our pick for Best Game of 2019 and I can safely confirm that it’s going to be one of the best PC games of 2020. This is a fantastic port of one of the PS4’s greatest games."

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ForwardDude79d ago

I'm happy Death Stranding is now a even better game.

Cmv3879d ago

Even better? Its the same game. Was there dlc released?

seanpitt2379d ago (Edited 79d ago )

The only way it would be better if your gaming pc can do 60fps other than that it’s the same game

UltraNova79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Wait for those of us who played the PS4 version, which was flawless for a 30fps single-player game, how could it be worse than a version we won't play(PC)?

Unless the PC version has additional content or the story was altered in some way then the game is the same. Yeah, 60fps may allow for a more fluid experience but not in a 'better' game.

winniepooh2079d ago

There's the new Half-Life content, but otherwise, it's just technical improvements.

FlavorLav0179d ago

I think that’s what dude meant. Great experience enjoyed in the highest available visual specs = maximum enjoyment

aquamala79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Better graphics, better frame rate, eurogamer article says the engine updates at 120 times a second on pc instead of only 30 on PS4, really is the definitive edition.

If there’s a ps5 version it’s never getting DLSS either maybe wait for ps6.

Silly gameAr79d ago

So, no new content? Only stuff that PC elitist beat off to? Meh. Enjoy I guess.

rainslacker79d ago

Graphics is easy to understand it'll be an improvement. But, I'm not sure this game will see much improvement in game play due to faster game loops. Game doesn't really require precision timing in any way. That faster game loop could lead to faster frame rates if the game is set up to be dependent on the game loop for such things.

79d ago
Sunny1234579d ago

Loved it on ps4. Got plat. Its a slow paced game, but honestly a breath of fresh air. Enjoyed it a lot.

Father__Merrin79d ago

pc players should feel lucky on getting aaa consoles games like this. usually publishers will never develop anything like this on pc, pc specs might be better if your willing to spend but for direct gaming its not as good

RazzerRedux79d ago

Huh? Most AAA console games are PC games.

"pc specs might be better if your willing to spend but for direct gaming its not as good"

Actually it is better. PC gamers are not limited by publisher/devs on visuals/performance levels. This is why I waited for the PC version of Death Stranding.

jukins79d ago

"Pc gamers aren't limited by publisher dev on performance levels"

Lmao yea your limited by your hardware just like consoles lol. Hell some pc gamers aren't even gaming on a rig better than base model current gen consoles. . .

RazzerRedux79d ago


"Lmao yea your limited by your hardware just like consoles lol."

You missed the point. PC gamers don't have to wait for another console generation to improve my experience. My 2080 Super is fine right now so if I decide to forego the next batch of GPUs then I can wait a year or two. I'll get the RTX 4000 or 5000. Console gamers will get their next console when they get it. And either way, I'll choose what frame rate I want to run and set my visuals accordingly. I won't be dictated by console devs where you are going to be lucky to get two modes. These are the limitations that I am talking about.

"Hell some pc gamers aren't even gaming on a rig better than base model current gen consoles. "

Some? lol....MOST console gamers are running on base PS4 and Xbox One whereas MOST PC gamers are running on hardware superior to that according to Steam hardware surveys so no idea what point you are making.

Giblet_Head79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Lmao. More like burdened. Game is boring narcissistic trash.
Wish I never bothered with it.

Sunny1234579d ago

What are you on about? Did you even play it, or did you play it for an hour with negative mindset. Its not generic, its not hack/slash/loot/shoot. Its something different. Good different. I implore pc players to try it, it looked gorgeous on ps4 can only imagine it on high end pcs. You guys are in for a treat

Giblet_Head79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@Sunny12345 I played it for several hours, it never stopped being a monotonous package delivery game with drawn out cutscenes that went nowhere. It's different, but it's still severely boring. Didn't like it, and sure as hell am not bothering with it on my rig nor do I advise any pc gamer bother with it for more than two hours if they can help it to get a refund on steam for something better.

Imortus_san79d ago

hahahahahahahaha, Stong it is, the Sony Force in you.

aquamala79d ago

PC gets AAA games from Xbox AND Playstation

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Father__Merrin79d ago

can you believe a pc game getting a high score like this

Giblet_Head79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Easily you halfwit. It's called Half-Life Alyx. Came out not too long ago.

Father__Merrin79d ago

I think that's it just half life apart from that there's zero talk on here about any pc only AAA titles. Goto top of page and click pc there's hardly any chatter on here

Giblet_Head79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Because this site, it's contributors and it's users focus on consoles and mainstream titles 90% of the time.
This site is a bit of a console fanboy haven if you haven't noticed for the last decade and half.

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