Farcry 6 screenshots on the Xbox Series X

Twitter post showing high fidelity images from the upcoming next gen farcry 6

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Christopher554d ago

Looks good. I like the posterization effect that happens with things further away.

anonymousfan554d ago

The Vignette effect is way too strong though but that might be better in game. I wish they could have shown gameplay instead of CGI yesterday but oh well... Maybe at Xbox event in a few days?

ChristopherJack554d ago

Look at your downvoters. Site is as toxic as ever.

anonymousfan554d ago

@ChristopherJack lmao yup this is N4G I bet its because I mentionned the Xbox event pouahahah so many insecure PS fans here. PS products and games are amazing but the sample of fans we get here is the vocal toxic minority.

Marquinho554d ago

Very impressive. From the details on weapons to vegetation, shadows and ray-tracing.

It also looks like they've took special care in characters and storyline. FC6 has become by most anticipated Ubisoft game after their event.

3-4-5554d ago

I've never played a Farcry game but have known about them for years. How long of a game are they usually?

MrSec84554d ago

@3-4-5: According to "howlongtobeat" Farcry 3 takes 15 & 1/2 hours to complete the story campaign.
FC4 17 hours, 5 takes 17 & 1/2 Hours and New Dawn 11 Hours.

I have a bunch of the games in my collection, but haven't played one through from start to finish.

lazyboyblue554d ago

Never trust a Ubisoft screenshot.

DarXyde554d ago

Fair point, but the best thing about the technology coming up is that visuals are so good now that there's just no point to bull shots.

ActualWhiteMan554d ago

Lets not forget how good Watch Dogs 2014 looked at the reveal. Then we got the N64 version at release.

Marquinho554d ago

It's a post processing effect that can provide a "vintage" feel.

The game seems to be inspired in Cuba of the 80s... so it makes sense to use this approach:

Jin_Sakai554d ago

If this was 60fps I’d be impressed. It’s pretty but FPS shouldn’t be 30fps. Period.

Bathyj554d ago

This is not Twitch shooter. 30 is fine as long as it's solid.

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Bruh554d ago

Visually it looks like a pretty big leap compared to Far Cry 5. Hopefully the Series X can also push some kinda of ray tracing, though Idk if Dunia supports it in its pipeline, Ubi's been super quiet about its continual development


Raytracing is cool, but I'd happily forgo that for a 60fps performance mode.

ColdSin554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Me too, any FPS game that doesn't have 60fps is sickening.

anonymousfan554d ago

Only time will tell but I guess they could... I mean it's a different engine but Watch Dogs Legion will have it and it releases in 2020 (I think it uses Disrupt engine). Since both engines are developed in house and Far Cry 6 releases later I would hope they would have time to implement some kind of ray tracing but I would expect performance to take a serious hit... Ubisoft arent exactly known for optimizing games well.

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2ndhandcorn554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Nice and clear but open world i had enough for the moment .

aaronaton554d ago

That 1st screenshot of the FAL. It's red dot attachment is seemingly a sardine can with a laser pointer shining into what looks like half of a flip phone screen.... I think I would just use the iron sights on that one.

spicelicka554d ago

I love the creativity there

Father__Merrin554d ago

If it's not 60fps ppl might cry like babies that it hurts Thier eyes....

timotim554d ago

Lets push for it fellow gamer...ALL games should have a 60fps option going forward. How is what youre saying helping at all. Lets stand together and let devs know what we want. No reason why they cant drop the resolution to get it to 60fps.

FlyingFoxy554d ago

Not sure why people seem to think 60 is a gold standard, even 90-120 feels and looks quite a bit smoother than 60.

SockeyBoy554d ago

One step at a time for consoles

TheRealTedCruz554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

60 should be bare minimum nowadays. I know on both my ASUS monitor, and my LG OLED, games running at, or close to, 60fps actually look smooth, where the smearing taking place with games locked at 30 have an almost slow-motion effect. Especially on the OLED.

It's time to stop accepting 30fps games, just because consoles can't keep up with decent visuals, fps, and resolution for a few hundred dollars, out of the gate.

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