Here’s Where To Claim Your Free Copy Of Watch Dogs 2

Following earlier server issues, Ubisoft has extended the timeframe in which you can claim your free copy of Watch Dogs 2.

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Putnum32d ago

Also great! I'm tempted to order that spike mask during this pandemic.. the one with the LED lights haha

Felix_Argyle_Catbro31d ago

Not free. Stop paying and you can't play it until you pay the PS Plus price again.

bouzebbal31d ago

Felix lol and you can't use your free copy of wd2 before you buy the pc for it.. We go far thinking like this. If you have ps+ you get wd2 for free.

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Stanjara32d ago

Ok, this is only for PC? Right?

seanpitt2332d ago

Yeah they don't do free stuff on consoles only free weekends..

Terry_B32d ago

Did that this morning..still didnt get the game...

SickSinceSix32d ago

I read you get the game tomorrow. Anyone know what the other in game rewards are? Already own WD2 but I'm curious which other games had rewards, probably just skins or something

Vervain32d ago

I believe there was a skin or something for The Crew 2. Not sure what else.

IRetrouk32d ago

The crew 2 has something, I believe division 2 aswell, think there was maybe one more but cant remember

Name Last Name32d ago

I think there was a Valhalla weapon when it comes out.

Teflon0232d ago

Yeah it said July 13 but the issues likely delayed it but it's not instant.

Also there's other things based on what it said but the WD2 part was the only thing specifically said

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Vervain32d ago

Got email confirmation this morning letting me know the game had been added to my account. Looks like it just takes a decent length of time.

SickSinceSix32d ago

My nephew's downloading his free copy right now

tagzskie32d ago

Even though i hate using different client other than steam, FREE is good for everyone. I got it and thanks for the heads up

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The story is too old to be commented.