Watch Dogs: Legion is much more interesting than AC: Valhalla

Gamepressure: "Before the Ubisoft Forward conference, I had the opportunity to play the latest installments of both high-profile series, which Ubisoft will release later this year. After a few hours with AC and Watch Dogs, I know Legion will be a much more interesting."

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Profchaos27d ago

I'd agree but it's a different genre

SinisterKieran27d ago

i thought so too until i watched yongyeas video on both. it seems to me that valhalla has WAY more activities and less repeated content in it. even a drinking game.

RpgSama27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I saw the Yongyea video, hilarious the juxtaposed videos of different character quests with the same dialogue and voice word for word which then led to the same exact location to do the same exact things to recruit an entirely different character.

I mean, it's entirely plausible to find 2 entirely different people in the span of 4 hours that both have the same voice, the same face, the same dialogue and a friend pronounced dead but was actually kidnapped that you need to find.

27d ago
mrsolidsteel2027d ago

I have to admit AC looks good to me now, I really liking the dismemberment feature they have now, it was long overdue. I haven't seen WD: L yet.

ZeroBlue227d ago

I gotta be honest, I've lost most of the interest I used to have in Ubisoft games. I feel like I'm basically getting the same thing every time.