Far Cry 6 Gets First Screenshots and Artwork Showing Weapons, Environments, & More

Following the official reveal at Ubisoft Connect, the publisher released a new press kit with plenty of screenshots and artwork of Far Cry 6.

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GaboonViper556d ago

Those screenshots look awesome but then i remember, this is Ubisoft, the downgrade master, i still remember being stunned at that Watch Dogs 2012 footage, and we all know what happened there so i remain skeptical of these "In Game" shots.

spicelicka556d ago

Is it confirmed to be a prequel to far cry 3? I really hope that's Vaas!

RaidenBlack556d ago

I don't think they'll confirm this.
It'll be tied to the story and might get revealed at the end.

spicelicka556d ago

Yeah I think you're right