NVIDIA RTX2080Ti cannot run Watch Dogs Legion Preview Build with 60fps on 1080p/Ultra Settings/RTX

DSOGaming writes: "Watch Dogs Legion is one of the first Ubisoft games that will support real-time ray tracing effects. Ubisoft held a preview event in which various media had the opportunity to test the PC version with its RTX reflections enabled. However, it appears that NVIDIA's most powerful GPU, the RTX2080Ti, is unable to run the game at 60fps."

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Daniel218329d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Phil Spencer confirmed DirectX ray-tracing for the title on Series X. Hopefully also 60fps

ColdSin29d ago

Not with incompetent Ubisoft at helm.

MightyHealthy29d ago

They must be doing something right, they're what, the 3rd biggest dev

Sunny1234529d ago

Are they incompetent, or does Ray tracing requires that much of graphical power, that they have to limit to 60 fps. Time to preorder the 3080.

RazzerRedux29d ago

"Hopefully also 60fps"


TheHan28d ago

More likely to hit 60fps on Xbox than PS.

Shane Kim28d ago

The Han

Fps is cpu task wich is the same on both consoles.

RazzerRedux28d ago

More likely it will be 30 fps on both.

Jin_Sakai29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Ubisoft games usually run like crap. They don’t know the definition of “optimization”.

morganfell29d ago

Optimization in ubi speak means optimal DLC coupled with optimal games as service packaging to provide optimal profits.

UltraNova28d ago

Add optimal executive shuffling to the mix and your spot on Morgan.

Baza29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

All those TF and no confirmation series X will run this cross gen game at 4K or 60fps. All we get is a “ray-tracing”/little better reflections!? Expected more

aftershock29d ago

If it doesn't run at 60fps with DXR on a 2080ti it's not going to on XSX 😂😂😂

BeRich23329d ago

if ubisoft makes a performance mode, it might happen.

ForwardDude29d ago

"Hopefully also 60fps" If he didn't confirm it, probably won't happen. If he knew it was 60fps for sure, he would have say so. If you have to guess and be hopeful, either Phil Spencer is not good a marketing ( which honestly he is not ) or it won't happen. When Watch Dogs Legion is confirmed to run at 60fps on Xbox, Phil Spencer will not hesitate to say it is so. In the meantime, spreading rumurs is unhealty since it give unrealistic expectation of the effective power of the Xbox.

lpking200528d ago

Phil Spencer says a lot of things!

Profchaos28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Nope no chance they will target a locked 30 with partial ray tracing if today's digital foundry analysis is anything to go off.

I'm sorry but Phil Spencer's 60fps with RT is all marketing and in house first party targets while third party make zero promise of this. Some of the most advanced of hardware and graphics cards that will cost the same as the entire next gen console range will only do 30 with RT. Console optimisation is a thing because you don't have a big os overhead but it's not that big.

But maybe they will give a 60 fps option if you use SSR instead of RT or something

SierraGuy28d ago

Trust overhead is so big...Ms doesn't even use windows to manage their azure servers...they trust Linux more.

rainslacker28d ago


That's more because Linux is more adaptable to different architectures. They wouldn't be using a standard Windows Kernel either way if they were running servers of that magnitude. Has nothing to do with the overhead of Windows....which is actually a lot, and is actually why consoles can outperform PC's with similar, or somewhat better specs.

gravedigger28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

60fps in open world title like WD3 with full path raytracing on next-gen consoles? Yeah, no . If much more powerful GPU 2080tiRTX than GPUs ( and CPUs and more RAM ) in next-gen consoles can't run this build at 60 fps at 1080p, neither will PS5/XSX

SierraGuy28d ago

Sony first party developer could easily get 60fps out of this title...with rt.

esemce28d ago

If a 2080Ti can't do 60 fps then the consoles have no chance.

Father__Merrin28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

it doesnt even run at a solid 60 fps on pc it definatly wont on consoles it will be 30 i predict.

edit: yes lets just buy a 3080ti when it comes out lol thats laughable what about a pc gamer who have a 1060

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SamTheGamer29d ago

XSX will run it smoothly with 4K 60fps and RT enabled.

TheOptimist29d ago


Valhalla won't be running at 60fps on next gen consoles. What makes you think Legion will lol

Destiny108029d ago (Edited 29d ago )

the fact that all Developers are showing 2080ti footage and not xbox footage should tell you all you need to know about the xbox version

Kavorklestein29d ago

MS went with Assassin's Creed for marketing. So of course they went with the 2080ti to show this off, since Nobody paid them.
This game looks dumb to be honest, and AC didnt even get gameplay during Xbox's stream in May.
Ubisoft totally dropped the ball.
Ubisoft are really struggling the last year or so, which is sad, cuz I've always liked them. AC Valhalla.... yikes.
I knew Vikings seemed like kind of a dumb fit for an Assassin's Creed title.
I've seen enough to know that I will never care about what is there in that game. First AC game I have no interest in.

Yodasfavoritesoda29d ago

Well a 2080 max q ran the unreal 5 demo better than the ps5 so what’s that tell you about it. Them epic tried to cover it up and went around having people delete tweets and interviews. A 7 and some odd tflop mobile gpu

SamTheGamer29d ago

They were running the UE5 demo video on a video player 🤦🏻‍♂️

IRetrouk29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@ sam, dont bother mate, fanboys spreading shite dont care about facts, or care about listening, just a normal day on n4g😂

ForwardDude29d ago


"MS went with Assassin's Creed for marketing" vs "Nobody paid them"

Which one is it? Nobody pay them or Microsoft pay them?

RazzerRedux29d ago

"MS went with Assassin's Creed for marketing. So of course they went with the 2080ti to show this off, since Nobody paid them."

Microsoft bought the advertising rights from Ubisoft so yes, Microsoft is paying Ubisoft.

Kavorklestein28d ago

You guys don't even get what I'm saying, jesus... I'm saying nobody paid for WATCHDOGS.... so they did it on a 2080ti cuz it's the best way to show it by default.
Pretty much Nobody wants exclusive promo rights to watchdogs or even really cares about it from what I've seen.
Assassin's Creed, MS paid for that deal, yes I know that guys.

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olafu29d ago

Well... maybe at PC low settings.

Harryvok29d ago

I think you underestimate how taxing ray tracing is, let alone 4K. These consoles are 'budget' machines compared to high end PC setups. We need to lower our expectations. While some games may be 60 FPS, they won't be 'ultra' settings.

SierraGuy28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Maybe you should go watch the DF comparison video on F1 2019/2020.

The PC does almost nothing more than current gen consoles...sharper shadows....oooohhhh...give me a break everything set to ultra.

Mr Logic29d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA. You'll get either 4K30 with RT or Dynamic 4K30 with RT. If you're lucky there will also be a 60fps performance mode in the 1080-1440p range without RT, but I highly doubt it. Ubisoft seems allergic to 60fps with their open world games.

silenthillstrangler29d ago

I'd be happy with chequeredboard 4k or 1440p if I can have 60fps.

SierraGuy28d ago

Not their fault open world sucks.

aquamala29d ago

More like checkerboard 4K, 30 fps, selective RT, medium settings

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

But it will have the highest quality pixels.

Plus, according to Spencer, Checkerboard is still True4K. At least on the X1. Apparently it's not True4K on PS when it does the same thing

tontontam029d ago (Edited 29d ago )


Minecraft with RT enabled runs @30 fps on xbox series x.

DashMad29d ago

XSX won't be able to run 4k 60fps let alone PS5 both GPU inside them inferior than RTX 2080TI.

SierraGuy28d ago

I think they're equal...that's why they used it.

Sunny1234529d ago

Cmon man, we all know 2080ti is atleast 30% more powerful than the next gen consoles gpu. So if pc can't do it, consoles can for sure not do it. Optimization can only take you so far.

peteymcpickle29d ago

If a £1000+ graphics card can't do it, the new xbox absolutely can not. No matter how much time you spend with Mr Spencer's cock in your mouth.

ForwardDude29d ago your wet dreams!

NobleRed29d ago

Yeah because the Xbox can do what the 2080ti isn't able.😂🤣㊃ 8;‍♂️

RazzerRedux29d ago

Expectations for next gen hardware is over the top.

Charal28d ago

You made my day.
It will run at 30fps on consoles, period.

Sunny1234528d ago

Don't say period when you ain't sure. Console games don't have graphics on max settings, its medium. So whats most probable is devs giving options for either 60 [email protected] low graphics/ray tracing, or vice versa. Only someone mentally retarted will say that next gen console and pc high end graphics card have the same power. I only play on ps4, but I have the audacity to accept that pc has more graphical power than ps4/ps5

Powerhug28d ago

Yes, it will also clean, cook and give you blowjobs.

Sunny1234528d ago

all this pc/ console comparison is redundant. You all say about high end graphics card. Fine pc is superior, double fps on same settings. Look at the fckin cost, all these people saying 2080ti(most here don't have it). That alone is 1200$. You are comparing a 3500$ product with a $400 dollar product and getting 30-40% more output. Congrats retards.

MagicLebronJordan28d ago

Yes it will, With all the setting dumbed down for the console jsut as usual. Their is no way the X will be more powerful than a 2080Ti .

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TheOptimist29d ago

Ubisoft games are almost always crap in terms of optimization. No surprises here.

masterfox29d ago

Why we are focusing in reflections instead of creating some appealing fun gameplay instead?, if this will eat lots of GPU performance just to show off some shiny reflections is not worth a damn bit put your hardware in such consumption stress, overall while you are playing and if you are really are having fun, in the end you will not even notice it this so called ray tracing thing.

Rachet and Clank PS5 is the perfect example in how to use new technology in games, even thou it will include that ray tracing nonsense, is main focus is how they utilize their new SSD tech and displays how it affects the gameplay and create a very frenetic world that I would really want to play right now, and for this new Watchdogs game it looks kinda nice visually but for the gameplay part it just looks more of the same.

Edgelordsupreme29d ago

When you dont know what you're talking about, but still feel compelled to open your stupid mouth.

JustTheFax29d ago

lol! I swear some of these people think the SSD will add some magical gpu power. They are worse than the xbox one crazies at the beginning of this gen. What was that dude, mr x media?

masterfox29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

lol seriously some people get very mad for no reason.

"these people think the SSD will add some magical gpu power"
haha nope is just that some people are well informed ;)

JCOLE1319529d ago

@Fax There was also a guy in here named MorePowerofGreen and he was probably one of the worst I’ve seen.

Ashunderfire8628d ago


So a genius like Mark Cerny that is smarter than you don’t know what he is talking about when he talks SSD being a game changer? You Xbot gamers are so ignorant! Hell many developers praise the SSD for the PS5 including Epic games so your smarter than Tim Sweeney???? Why don’t you work for any of those companies? If SSD is only about load time why even talk about it being a game changer? It was already confirmed that Rachet and Clank For PS5 is using the SSD to go thru worlds without a loading screen at all! Both Series X and PS5 is taking full advantage of the SSD when games now require it! Most games you played on PC on current gen only had games with mechanic hard drive, an if you had the SSD it was only used for faster loading. The next generation consoles are not only using it to load games faster, it’s all about the changes in game development and how a level is made. No longer and repetitive corridors in a shooting game as a limitation. Developers never have to use cutscenes techniques to hide load times. Understand the fact that games up until point have been running on old mechanical hard drives. That why Resident Evil 8 according to Capcom can’t run on PS4 and Xbox One because it’s a demanding open world horror game with no load times that run smoothly on required SSDs, which also means the PC version have to completely change the requirements! You see you gamers think you know more than the developers who have PS5 and Series X Dev kits! So do your own research before you run your mouth 👄

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RonsonPL29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

While I hate seeing ray-tracing hype at this point (clearly consoles (30fps) and PCs (1080p on 2080ti..) are too slow for it to be reasonable use of power and die space) I cannot agree that R&C is a good example of technology improving gameplay.
Here are my points about it:
- this looks like something which will be "cool" for a few minutes
- even if not, I'm not sure it fits the fast paced exploration+shooting style of the series
- if they wanted, they could've done that already. PS4 has 5GB or RAM for the game. PS3 had like 400MB. The graphics would take a hit, but by using the graphics style of PS3 games, this could still look nice, and would run at 60fps, which is way more important for gameplay than RT and SSD combined, even on PS4, and with 12GB of RAM for the game on PS5, even more so.
- even if you like the portal thing, answer this question honestly: Is it bigger than one simple addition in R&C:Crack in Time on PS3? Cause the time mechanics were more interesting and a bigger "feature" than portals IMHO, and even so, I still didn't find it to be anything special. Glide flying on PS3 was 100x more fun gameplay addition than even this. And I don't see myself liking portals more than time manipulation mechanics in CiT.

SSDs are cool and all, but you should not expect it to bring huge gameplay improvements. The only thing which really matters in terms of gameplay, in next-gen consoles, is the CPU speed increase. Count more complicated physics, move games with current physics from 30fps to 60fps or more. Allow for better VR. These are the things that shape the next-gens, not RT and also not SSD for many, many game genres. You can imagine SSD to be helpful in GTA VI, but not so much in a Tekken game.

IRetrouk29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

So all the devs saying the SSDs will allow new gameplay, features and designs are making it up? Including microsofts devs?

While I agree with you point about cpu etc being important, so is the SSDs in these consoles. The io stuff alone is a game changer.

as for ratchet, there is no way that would run on current gen, never mind a ps3....come on a bit more realistic.

"Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a game that utilizes dimensions and dimensional rifts, and that would not have been possible without the solid state drive of the PlayStation 5. The SSD is screamingly fast. It allows us to build worlds and project players from one place to another in near instantaneous speeds. It is an unbelievable game-changer in terms of, we can now do gameplay where you’re in one world and the next moment you’re in another.”

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Next gen raytracing is kind of a half step into the raytracing technique for gaming. Even the newer GPU's yet to release are only maybe 3/4 steps. Ray-tracing in it's full form, like they use for Pixar movies and the like,is quite involved, and still can't be done in real time using massive rendering farms.

What's done currently with games is sufficient given the level of power available to the consumer, but it's not what most people would cite as full ray tracing if they really use the technique to it's fullest. At least not say that it's what is fully capable to achieve....because technically it is RT.

But, that's OK for consoles, or even PC gamers, because it's become apparent not many people really understand what raytracing does anyways, nor really what to expect from the process. Reflections are a good way to exemplify the technique, but it's actually much more involved than that, and reflections can be done in ways that are not as taxing, although they'll be limited on their scope and quality. What'll be more impressive is the ray tracing that is more about how real light reflects or reacts to objects as a whole, and combining multiple sources into one, and have the object actually show that light the way it would be shown in real life, which will then have some sort of effect on other objects or light sources. Something that will still be done through more traditional lighting methods that we're already used to.