Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Doesn’t Reinvent The Wheel and That’s Okay – Hands-On | GLITCHED

GLITCHED writes: "Assassin's Creed Valhalla brings some great new combat to the table along with a darker and uncomfortable world. It feels the same as Odyssey and we think that is okay."

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TheOptimist27d ago

That's not ok because they been doing this for a decade now. So shut up about it being okay. Games journalism has gone to utter trash smh.

goldwyncq26d ago

How have they been doing it for a decade when Origins and Odyssey drastically changed everything about the series and die-hard fans panned them for it?

TheOptimist26d ago

Tacking on RPG stats that are useless apart from padding the game time, maketh not a new game.

Not to mention pushing it too far with Odyssey so as to incentivize payment in order to skip the grind.

The core formula of climbing towers, collecting trinkets and shitty mission design has been there since the start of the franchise. It was novel the first couple of times, but now it is shit.

Mediocrity isn't bad. But mediocrity repeated multiple times like "insanity" is just downright lazy and shit.

-Foxtrot26d ago

There’s evolving the game the correct way, changes that make sense and expand on the elements that makes the series what it was

Then there’s changing it into what could be seen as a new up while forgetting about the main elements that made us like the series to begin with

Jaces26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Black Flag was the last great Assassin's Creed game since Ezio in 2 and Brotherhood. Still waiting for them to go back to those roots instead of making an action/adventure rpg based game that has a grind rivaling Destiny with the AC brand tacked on for good measure. Might get this one on sale. Back to the point, it's not ok when it has gone on for a decade and then some as stated above. It's time to wrap it up or start making actual changes that enhance the stealth AND story. For fuck's sake, stop making the damn map bigger and bigger then filling it with shit collectibles that do nothing for you but waste your time. Take a note from CDPR and fill a good sized map with side quests worth investing time in and a sprinkle of secrets hidden throughout for a reason to explore past the paved road.

Shikoku26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Exactly, I'd say the difference between AC3, Origins, Oydessy and Valhalla is a 60$ premium skin you can purchase.

SyntheticForm26d ago

They've had the same formula for a decade? Really? Very interesting; didn't know Origins and Odyssey's development time spanned a decade. You might want to take your own advice about shutting up there, because you look foolish.

It's "okay" for him because he likely enjoyed Origins and Odyssey.


You've got loose screws already, and should probably be keeping that melon still.

TheOptimist26d ago

Yep. The same tower climbing and enemy trailing and collectathon. Just with added mindnumbing grind in Origins and Odyssey.


NeodeosX26d ago

Yes, that's ok. Most AAA games don't reinvent the wheel. A game never needed to reinvent the wheel to be great. The Witcher 3, for instance, brought nothing new in terms of game mechanics, but it made a huge impression thanks to its writing and worldbuilding and is still considered one of this gen's best games.
Origins refreshed the AC formula with better worldbuilding and new combat system, Odyssey pushed it further in a RPG direction, and Valhalla removes the grinding from Odyssey while bringing some unique features. I don't ask for more, because I know that once again the world will be incredibly immersive.

TheOptimist26d ago

If you find AC Odyssey and Origins immersive, I don't know what to say. Those are some of the most unimmersive games I have played besides Ubisoft's other mainline franchise FarCry.

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seanpitt2326d ago

It won’t be ok when people Eventually realise it’s the same game and not to buy this rehash trash

goldwyncq26d ago

By that logic people shouldn't buy Ghost of Tsushima either because it pretty much takes Assassin's Creed's template but with prettier graphics.

seanpitt2326d ago

Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker punch) looks like they have taken there time (6 years) to craft something special
This just looks like a rehash game that needs another year of polish and to fix them clunky animations and the faces look soulless

Eamon26d ago

One could argue that Ghost of Tsushima is the Assassin's Creed Japan game that fans have been waiting a decade for. It looks far more interesting than Valhalla.

SyntheticForm26d ago

Fine by me.

I'll enjoy this one as I enjoyed Odyssey and Origins.

IRetrouk26d ago

Last one I played through properly was black flag, have the others as the wife loves em but just started to feel like padded out dlcs to me, it needs a proper restart.


Last AC I loved was Black Flag as well, but this one looks like a spiritual successor to that game with Witcher 3 vibes.

I'll pick this one up next year when the Ultimate Edition gets throughougly discounted.

IRetrouk26d ago

It doesnt look bad to be fair, just nothing really new, I will probably do the same to be fair.

Sunny1234526d ago

They changed it with origins, which was great. Odyssey was good as well. But enough. Change it now. Reinvent the freakin wheel

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