Assassin's Creed Valhalla Finally Gets 30 Minutes of Real Gameplay

Today, during the Ubisoft Forward show the French publisher showcased the first official gameplay of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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Name Last Name26d ago

Extremely underwhelming. Should’ve waited a couple more years for a proper next gen sequel.

RpgSama26d ago

Looks just like a reskin of AC:O, same clunky gameplay, animations, voice acting, dated character models including main character, even the graphics (except a couple of nice shots) were dissapointing and the worst part is that I'm pretty sure they were showing the Series X version of the game if not high end PC, definite pass for me.

Sunny1234526d ago

Why are they still hung on cash grab re release of old games with minor tweaks. Give me prince of persia.

UltraNova26d ago

Yes it's more of the same formula. AC is has officially became stale. Passing up on this one. It looks like playing every other AC game is the way to go for me. I'll wait for AC 2021.

darthv7225d ago

If you are coming out of the water... wouldn't your clothes be wet? Its that sort of detail that the next gen is supposed to bring to the table. All the small things that often times get missed.

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Marquinho26d ago

I have to say this fails to impress...

I'm tempted to think this is running on a One X at most.

seanpitt2326d ago

It’s running on xbsx hardware

VerminSC26d ago

Why do Ac games look so unpolished? And just... old. I don’t get how exclusives like Spiderman, GOW, tlou2 can look so much better when the teams are the same size or smaller. Ubisoft needs to focus on changing things and making completely new experiences.

seanpitt2326d ago (Edited 26d ago )

They go for massive open worlds and fill them will useless and boring things to do that’s what takes all of the resources up. What your seeing here is what you will be playing when it comes out Ubisoft haven’t got the time (Strict deadlines) and money or as much talent like rockstar, Naughtydog etc... this game just looks like a poor mans Witcher 3 even that game facial mechanics look better and that is a 5 year old game

What’s so annoying is that opening CGI trailer looked so cool but it’s way off the Actual gameplay You will experience..

TheEnigma31325d ago

because they're still using the same engine from the 360/ps4 days. It's sad actually.

sevilha8225d ago

It´s called lazy developing,cash and grab formula instead of prioratizing creativity .

Christopher26d ago

As a big fan of Odyssey, this is not looking that great. They focused way too much on the "side" diversion stuff rather than the core mechanics. They didn't step through the skills, different combat options, and more. And the combat looked pretty basic compared to Odyssey.

sevilha8225d ago

why people get hyped on Ubisot games is beyond me.….how many times does one has to be tricked until you lost trust on a publisher/developer??

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silenthillstrangler26d ago

This looks horrible, I mean the setting is cool but man the animations are mass effect andromeda level and graphics are very underwhelming. Pass.

DerfDerf26d ago

It's literally the exact same shit as Odyssey and Origins which everyone praises lol. I do agree though for the most part. very underwhelming.

tontontam026d ago

I've tried replaying origins and I'm currently playing odyssey, but there is something odd with this valhala trailer I can't pin point the problem. but watching the trailer feels like they downgraded some stuffs.

silenthillstrangler26d ago

Odyssey looked way better than this. I bet they did out source a lot of the work and they ruined it ala andromeda.

JangoMan26d ago

I watched Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay after this. There is a generation leap in facial animations and overall Movements of Protagonist and other NPCs. Let alone the graphics fidelity, AC is no way near GoT's overall quality.

Ghost of Tsushima might be more Assassins Creed game than AC Valhalal

anast26d ago

The graphics look a bit jank and they will probably live-service the holy hell out of this game, but the setting sells itself, for me. That slide doge

lazyboyblue26d ago

Looks worse than the last two.

Gardenia26d ago

I noticed that too. Overall not great, especially the face animations. Was this made by a different team or something?

lazyboyblue26d ago

Same team that made Origin. They say.

DerfDerf26d ago

Made by the same team that made Origins I believe

East76lands26d ago

I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure....

wwinterj26d ago

Graphics aside I certainly like what I see gameplay wise and sound. Hopefully it'll be improved in areas where it doesn't shine as much by November so we shall see.

GreatSako202025d ago

What? Regardless of graphics, the game is boring as fuck 😂. Just like all Ubisoft games.

wwinterj25d ago

Rayman, Splintercell and Prince of Perisa are not boring. What is boring however is seeing folk flock to the comments section on games they had no intention of buying just to proclaim they are boring without actually playing the games.

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