Official Far Cry 6 Trailer Revealed

While we got the Fary Cry 6 trailer leaked yesterday, this time, we have the English version to pore over! Check it out within.

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Marquinho26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Nice to see Ubisoft is supporting Smart Delivery in all the big games shown in their event: Far Cry 6, Valhalla and Watchdogs 3.

As for this game, I think its weak point used to be narrative but this trailer looks very appealing.

sushimama26d ago

"Smart Delivery" is such a stupid term. It should be 'free upgrade' because that's what it is.

BenRC0126d ago

Smart delivery and cloud are terms you use when you don't have exclusives to show. Sony just shows great games which is why ill get ps5 first and series x when ms show something worth having.

Marquinho26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

It's a stupid term just because Microsoft uses it? (it's at the end of the trailer btw)

You should be grateful you're not paying for next gen upgrades on Xbox (or even PS) in many titles thanks to this initiative. The name itself is irrelevant, which is important is that Microsoft encouraged this consumer friendly change, whereas others didn't, not even for their own first party games.

You gotta give credit where it's due.

RamRod8826d ago

I swear, if Sony came up with the same damn term, all of you call it stupid wouldn't say shit.


Who cares what it's called? It benefits gamers...that's all I care about.

janus22525d ago

Im not sure its up to Sony and Microsoft. I think its developper choice to upgrade their games for free like BF4 PS3 TO PS4 at the time. Sure its a good deal for us. But Smart delivery its fancy term! ;)

BenRC0125d ago

sony talks with games, ms talk with bs monikers

Marquinho25d ago

Has anyone noticed this in all 3 big Ubisoft games? (Watchdogs 3, FC6 and Valhalla)

"4K ultra HD on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X only" at the end of all trailers. 🤔

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spicelicka26d ago

Far Cry 3 had one of the best stories in its time, it did go down in quality a bit since, but this looks proper!

Gaming4Life198126d ago

Yea far cry 3 is my favorite far cry then primal.

janus22525d ago

Thats the problem! Ubisfot its like a game factory now! They're no more video game artist. Sorry im very average in english.

BioShockGX25d ago

Having a good villain doesn't mean the story is good.

26d ago
sushimama26d ago

I'm a sucker for Far Cry games. I'm excited for this one. Hopefuly no loading screens for next-gen.

GaboonViper26d ago

Wish they would do a Far Cry Primal sequel.

BlackIceJoe26d ago

That was a really cool concept for a game. I think it would have done better though, had it been a new IP. That stone age time period has a lot of potential and it is unfortunate that very rarely do you see a game take place, back then.

strayanalog26d ago

No wonder Diego wanted to explore with his cousin Dora when he was younger.

Sunny1234526d ago

Ubisoft surely makes good trailers. This looks so much better than that mundane valhalla gameplay they released a few days ago.

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