Sam Fisher Featured in Brand-New Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Trailer

Earlier today at Ubisoft Forward, we got another look at Sam Fisher in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad.

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morganfell31d ago

Sam Fisher has been reduced to a mobile Team Fortress knockoff. Sad.

spicelicka30d ago

For real, should have kept him in his grave instead of disrespecting him like this.

badz14930d ago

And they have the nerv to slap the Tom Clancy name on this too. Sad

Iltapalanyymi31d ago

look how they massacred my boy

morganfell30d ago

+10 for the Vito Corleone reference.

monkey60231d ago

Yo we heard you like Sam Fisher so we jammed him into some mobile trash instead of a new game in the franchise. Enjoy!

Toiletsteak30d ago

I feel like Ubisoft are just doing this to be dicks.

morganfell30d ago

Ubisoft spelled backwards is troll dick

mrsolidsteel2030d ago

The disrespect from Ubisoft is just disgraceful at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.