Watch Dogs: Legion: Gameplay Overview Trailer

Get your first look at new Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay. Recruit anyone from the entire population of London into your resistance. Coming Oct 29th.

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-Foxtrot31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I really wanted them to make something a little serious with it being London but they’ve went kind of silly, trying to make fun of Brexit thinking it’s going to be the end of the country but, here we still are except the pandemic is kicking our asses instead.

I liked the more serious tone from the first game, I don’t think this “recruit anyone” is going to work aswell as they’ve shown. A fully developed single character is better suited for these games unless this has one it’s not really clear.

This feels like when they show their games and make them out to be amazing but the final product doesn’t live up to what they carefully showed and presented

Guess we’ll see.

GaboonViper31d ago

I want a new Getaway game, proper old skool gangstas, this just doesn't do it for me im afraid.

Dirtnapstor31d ago

Loved the Getaway! At the very least, a remaster should be in order.

TheProfessional31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Somebody please tell blupoint or someone else to remaster Getaway 1! It would absolutely sell, it's hard to believe they haven't done it already.

And I agree with foxtrot that the first watchdogs had the best tone of the series, 2 was a step in the wrong direction in every way story and character wise. We'll see how this one is, the game director is the same guy who did Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction so there's definitely a chance it'll be good.

The end of the trailer in the night club looked really great with the dead to rights style executions.

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Cmoney00731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Some of Legion could be fun, but I worry the game is going to have some useless boring missions. I wish Ubisoft would bring back Aiden into Legion and make him more interesting.

ps3rider31d ago

visuals looks terrible.. no wonder it was delayed

ABizzel131d ago

It looks like Ubisofts current games. They're not building a new engine or trying to take advantage of higher-end specs until the console tools make their life easier and until the PC user specs take a leap in performance, they want their games on as many things playable as possible to bring in the largest revenue.

It's one of the downsides of having a huge team, you have to put out games that make billions annually to continue to pay all those people, and often that comes at the cost of quality and diversity.

bishup2531d ago (Edited 31d ago )

in the aspects of this game being unable to run at 60fps ultra on a rtx 2080ti....yeah it does look pretty bad.
a game that looks like this should not be as demanding.

tontontam031d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Everyone was dissapointed by the graphics even pc gamers who would like to play this with RT on their high end pc's , on the other hand xbox fanboys are happy with the graphics.

It is so funny that xbox fanboys are defending this game, probably because their god phil spencer appeared on the stream and announced RT support for xbox series x.

even with RT enabled, this game looks outdated.

starchild31d ago

I think the graphics are good. That's not my issue with it. Ubisoft seems to be going more and more woke and so I will likely buy fewer and fewer of their games.

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monkey60231d ago

This was still the better looking game they've shown this evening. I wasn't interested before tonight but it's looking fun and I'll keep an eye on it

tontontam031d ago (Edited 31d ago )

oh no next gen xbox games will just be outdated graphics with fancy raytracing puddles, I can't find rt implementations on other materials.

LucasRuinedChildhood31d ago

Tbh, this looks pretty unique for a Ubisoft game. They haven't done something like this in an open-world game since Driver: San Francisco. I'm a bit 50/50 on the tone of the trailer. I can appreciate a wacky tone but to me some of this felt a bit forced (mainly, the narrator). The accents sound a bit fake and overdone to me as well.

The gameplay of the John Wick-ish character has music lifted directly from the nightclub scene in the first John Wick movie which is a nice detail. haha