Far Cry 6 Box Art Leaks, Confirms Xbox Series X Compatibility

Rocket Chainsaw: Another minute, another Far Cry 6 leak.

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timotim73d ago

Now this one looks intriguing for sure. DX RT too...ill definitely keep an eye out.


Series X version is gunna look incredible!

timotim73d ago

We will have to stay tuned and find out...the screen shots definitely look good though. Im on a prove it to me type vibe lately...things look rosy right now...lets hope it stays that way and they ship a good game.


@Vengeance1138 PS5 is a beast for sure....but third-party games will generally look and run better on the Series X.

Putnum73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Is there no badass role Giancarlo Esposito isn't perfect for?

King_Noctis73d ago

The guy is just incredible. That trailer at the end of the show was just so badass.

MetroidFREAK2173d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Day 1 on Xbox Series X... Now I really need to beat Primal, 2, 5 and I just bought the remaster of 3 so I got a lot to do before Feb 2021

Mister_Wolf73d ago

I wouldn’t bother with Primal mate. It’s weak as fuck.

Skate-AK73d ago

Highly disagree with Primal being weak. It's actually my favorite one.

Gamerking8273d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Day one for me . On current gen though , as nothing at all I’ve seen so far has tempted me for next gen day 1. Don’t get me wrong everything looks amazing , but for me personally I’m happy with my pro and x1x another few year . Unless there was a exclusive next gen only metal gear or silent hill, then I’m ok with waiting