Beyond A Steel Sky PC Gameplay 4K - A Quick Look at Cyberpunk-Themed Union City

CG writes: Revolution Software’s (who also made the Broken Sword games) sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky entitled, Beyond A Steel Sky released this month on Apple Arcade. The game comes to PC on July 17th with a release on consoles at a later date. This video showcases the game on PC with a quick look at the futuristic utopia Union City players explore in this 3D point-and-click adventure game.

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rlow121d ago

The vibes It gives me is a mix of Cyberpunk and Mass Effect. Cool

Fraggle198721d ago

The silly carton look and animations ruin it.

TheRealTedCruz21d ago

A big Cyberpunk fan, but this screams budget title. That's not necessarily a bad thing, some of my favorite games are indies and "AA" releases, but the animations are really stiff, and the voice acting is the definition of subpar, instantly taking away a lot of the immersion here.

I'll wait until it gets discounted. Interested, but definitely not paying retail.