Why Nintendo Switch Reveals Keep Disappointing Fans

Yesterday's Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation revealed Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia as the new game from beloved developer WayForward, and fan reception has been less than stellar. It's the second time in the last month a Nintendo Switch game reveal has disappointed fans, and both Nintendo's marketing and the Switch's relatively bare 2020 release calendar make it easy to see why they're upset.

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bouzebbal22d ago

as wii u owner, switch reveals have been a disappointment since day one.
only games i really wanna play are Luigi's Mansion 3 and Link's Awakening. The rest is full retail price wii u ports (Yoshi, DK, Toad, Botw, MK8) of the games i'm interested in.. or half sequels (splatoon 2).

anonymousfan22d ago

Your point still stands but the Switch Yoshi Crafted World game is not the same as Wooly World on the Wii U... But yeah you are still 100% right Nintendo has been so lazy with Switch just re-releasing everything from Wii U. I understand most people didnt own a Wii U but it is still kind of a slap in the face of their faithful followers such as you.

Note: Mario Odyssey was also awesome and not on Wii U if you didnt get to play it I highly recommend it.

Horny22d ago

As a fellow Wii U owner I feel your pain. Don’t get wrong I loved Mario odyssey and even the new tennis but I feel like I have bought most games twice. I hope they become a bit more ambitious with their games. I expect good things from BOTW2 and hopefully Metroid prime 4. So far they have been playing it safe and honestly aside from Mario odyssey I wouldn’t have missed out on anything if I just stuck to my Wii U.

bouzebbal22d ago

I don't want to buy a console for 1game or 2..
I bought the wind waker HD wiiu bundle , and the console is still running everyday.
Always a blast with my kids playing a Mario party, mk8. Splatoon online, or couch coop, Mario U boost mode , luigi U, Yoshi, zeldas, pikmin 3, and all wii legacy!!! Plus the fact I can use gamepad as TV 📺 remote or multimedia station...
Would have had another fate of stubborn Nintendo cut the price early!!!! They did with 3ds. And sales skyrocketted

deafdani22d ago

While it's true the Switch has plenty of ports (which isn't a bad thing IMO), it also has plenty of good exclusive content.

Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Maker 2, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Astral Chain, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Zelda Link's Awakening, Cadence of Hyrule, Golf Story, FAST RMX, Mario + Rabbids, Tetris 99, Octopath Traveler, Ringfit Adventure, Pokemon Sword / Shield, Pokemon Let's Go, Yoshi's Crafted World, Super Mario Party, Mario Tennis...

Of course as gamers we want more, but I wouldn't say that Nintendo has been exactly lazy this gen. The Switch has sold like hotcakes because it actually has a pretty big and varied library, which, yes, includes ports and simultaneous releases and a lot of indie games, but also a healthy amount of new stuff.

Outlawzz22d ago

@bouzebbal Your generalizing the whole library to your own biased point of view, and stating lies as facts because your not "interested" in the games on offer. Just move on, there's plenty to play for those of us willing to actually pay attention to the games.

bouzebbal22d ago

Call it biaised if you like, it's my opinion and most wiiu owners are sharing it. I'm not interested in skyrim Witcher 3 or other western games, I buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games or how unique the console plays.

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RaiderNation22d ago

It's because not since the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate has Nintendo released anything that remotely resembles a big budget AAA game with high production value. Everything now just looks like more colorful upres'd 3DS games or mobile games and Nintendo keeps charging full price for them. Animal Crossing for as popular as it is, could run on my phone. Luigi's Mansion 3 looks pretty and colorful, but it was developed on that same old 2d plane that the other games were. Nintendo could've really opened that game up, given it a fully explorable open world mechanic like Zelda BOTW and pushed that franchise into the modern era. But no, Nintendo wants to continue to play it safe. Paper Mario Origami King looks like more the same. Their games lack ambition. They lack a sense of reinvestment of the millions and millions they are raking in from consumers. If you take away all the Wii U ports (and yes I consider BOTW to be a Wii U port), How many games can you really point to and say "wow you can really tell Nintendo spent some money making this game!" I can only think of 3, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. 3 games in 4 years! Everything else Nintendo has released on Switch has either been Wii U ports or smaller games packaged and priced as big AAA games.

Tiqila22d ago

I think

Fire Emblem: Three houses
Super Mario Party
Luigi's Mansion 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Mario maker 2
and Astral Chain

are also AAA. Then, there are a lot of smaller but still awesome exclusives, like Zelda: Links Awakening or Cadence of Hyrule.

RaiderNation22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I explained my issue with Luigi's Mansion 3 in my previous post. Its colorful and pretty to look at, but from a design and mechanic perspective its not that different from the other ones. I want Nintendo to be more ambitious with their IP. I want them to take some chances. Think about the leap from Super Mario Bros 3 to Mario 64. Think about the leap from Super Metroid to Metroid Prime. Where is THAT Nintendo? Why don't they approach their game development with that level of ambition anymore?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is 3rd party and it looks like a mobile game. Mario Maker 2 could run on 3DS (lower res of course). Mario Party could run on 3DS (lower res of course). I'll give you Astral Chain. That was pretty cool but thats also 3rd party. Fire Emblem 3 Houses, again, where's the ambition? Where is the AAA production value? It could run on my phone.

anonymousfan22d ago

...even Smash Bros was more of an enhanced re-release than a brand new AAA title developped from the ground up.

Ilovetheps522d ago

Smash Bros is completely different. The mechanics in the game are very different from the Wii U game. The graphics look a lot better and have a slightly different art style to them. There are a few new modes added in Ultimate. And of course the roster has a ton more characters. So no, it's in no way a re-release.

Tiqila22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

So your point is if a game can run on your phone it is not AAA?

I don't see the purpose of that argument as we all now the Switch is less powerful than both, PS4 and X1. We all now it is a hybrid between a mobile and a home console.

RaiderNation22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

My point is if a game can run on my phone, it means not a lot was invested in developing that game in terms of scale, scope, or production value. Theyre made on the cheap and then sold at premium prices. And just stop with making excuses regarding the Switch's power. The system is running games like Witcher 3 and Skyrim. The system is more than capable. Nintendo just refuses to reinvest in making bigger, more ambitious games. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to rake in all the profits but not reinvest into making bigger/better games. Most Switch games are on a 3DS level just upres'd. Yet sold at 60 bucks a pop.

Good-Smurf22d ago

That's the reason I'm sold my Switch just over a year of owning it.
They just played it too safe with their games and the wait for each of their big release are getting really long and then you have to wait longer for the inferior ports of 3rd party titles that will hold you over 'till big releases with Switch tax added,resulted in too much downtime and less motivation to buy much if any game at all.

Outlawzz22d ago

Although I agree with your point on them not being ambitious enough to a certain extent, it is a terrible way to look at the art style in a game and say "man they really spent money on this" as if that somehow increases the value of the game. It seems to me your of the impression that bigger is better which is a pretty limited view on what gaming is about.

Gaming on a Nintendo system is about how fun a title is, if your enjoyment of a title is based on how many details they can fit into each pixel or how they can wow you with special effects then you should consider a different platform. Nintendo has never been about those things. Sony, Microsoft, and PC are there to choose from. They offer exactly what you are looking for.

Games1st22d ago

It makes sense to save AAA for upgraded Switch. They want to see how next gen fares.

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MetroidFREAK2122d ago

Because they keep teasing game reveals that end up being lame

averagejoe2622d ago

Sadly I was burned by the Switch hype. It is now a Hulu machine dust collector. I might just sell it.

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