The Last Of Us Part II Review | Resident Entertainment

"A very intense game that is a non-stop emotional journey about two characters on a mission to get revenge. The graphics are great, sound is excellent and the gameplay is just the same as the first game." -Bryan (Resident Entertainment)

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REDGUM22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I think i'm about halfway through now and am loving the game so far. If you liked the 1st installment then this one will tick all the boxes too.

I getting so sidetracked with the story though with all the hidden loot scattered around the game world. I will definatley play this game again but on a harder/less loot to change it up somewhat. I havennt run out of bullets or have always found enough bits and pieces around to be fully stocked most of the time. It's great but would love a more challenging run next playthrough.

9,5/10 for me so far, i'm loving it.

shauzy21d ago

i'm also halfway through the game, the way the game makes you do unnecessary stuff by making you crawl go over obstacles just so big nose comes and casually opens the door for you, then you have these cringe moments between ellie and dina, extremely bad writing, then comes the way joel died without context, and then comes the changed scenario of the game by comparing it to a trailer where joel was alive in, but in the game hes dead, i would give it a 5/10, 5 being for graphics and the fight between other humans, the writing its dangerously bad

HusbandAndWifeGaming21d ago

Gameplay has advanced so far from the last game this reviewer has no credibility.

20d ago