Ubisoft has just announced the departure of several high-level executives

Ubisoft has just issued a press release announcing the departure of Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoët, as well as multiple other high-level executives.

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RaidenBlack23d ago

I just read : "Ubisoft has just announced the departure of several high-level exclusives"
I was like : lol wut??!!

DethWish22d ago

You know you are a traumatised console warrior when you read this lol

Fantangoooo22d ago

Good.. lets be professional and keep all that negativity out of the creativity.

Eamon22d ago

Maybe one silver lining is replacing these execs with people who'll stop milking their AAA franchises to heaven and actually commit to making quality games instead of yearly products.

JokerBoy42222d ago

Can we hope for a legit new Splinter Cell now?

NitendoPowa22d ago

they too busy making Assassin Creed every freaking year

EazyC22d ago

Yeah it's criminal how long we've gone without. A new one could totally redefine the stealth genre

mcstorm22d ago

Tbh all the big developers need to do this. The gen has been the poorest I can remember on new ips. We have had a few but most were pants and everything was put into YOY games or F2P.

Personality the wiiu had the most enjoyable games this gen and this console was seen as a flop.

rainslacker22d ago

I doubt an executive change will shake up the companies enough to have them start investing in more new IP's.

When Phil Spencer said that SP games aren't as impactful as they used to be, he wasn't talking about reception, he was talking about the return on investment that investors want to see before putting up lots of money to make big games. New IP's are risky. SP games are risky if they're new, but even established IP's aren't as likely to see success.

MP really isn't that much better in this regard, but when a MP game hits it big, it goes really big, and the return makes up for a lot of failures.

These publishers are still investor and stock holder driven. Even many games they produce don't use their own funds to produce them, but have outside investors who aren't always shareholders. After all, why spend your own money when you can spend someone else's?

Anyhow, there were quite a few new IP's this gen. Not as many as the last two, but most of those new IP's weren't SP games.

mcstorm20d ago

I am with you on that but it seems developes want the next big thing. Instead of creating smaller but fun games.if anything F2P games have shown they don't need to be the best looking just fun to play.
Even family games have been missing this gen. Luckily Nintendo tend to cover this but when the switch has been poor on new ips.

sourOG22d ago

They day of Ubisoft forward? Seems awkward lol. I wonder what corporate tokenism we will see today. Which plight they will pretend to stand behind.

zackeroniii22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

oh so only when their dirty laundry gets aired out that's when we see some sort of action being wow... typical

SamPao22d ago

Would be kind of weird to look for predators in all places. I mean you should have a certain level of trust to your collegues. It seems that most people feard coming forward and with the way they are handling it now people are starting to come forward, so, see the positive in this not the negative.

zeuanimals22d ago

There's hundreds of these cases and tons of people knew. HR knew. Nobody who could do anything about it did anything about it.

22d ago
_dangerclose_22d ago

You cant take action until you know the laundry is dirty.

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