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WTMG's Thomas Medina: "Trackmania is one of those games that’s just fun with a capital F. It doesn’t redefine the genre or bring anything new to the table, but is a highly polished example of it. Other than a janky menu UI, there’s nothing it does overtly wrong. Some may be turned off by the subscription model, but with no microtransactions and Ubisoft’s typical support coming over the next few months, I feel it’s still more than worth it. Even then, the free version is more then enough to experience what the game has to offer. There’s no reason not to try it out, any racing fan should feel free to give it a try. For those who want to give the creator a proper spin, a free trial of Uplay+ is more than enough to see if that’s worth subscribing for too. It’s a fun game that’s free with no micro-transactions, what else is there to say?"

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traumadisaster465d ago

I’ve seen this game in my steam wishlist for awhile, I don’t remember how long ago I added it but I’ve wondered for seems like a tear or 2, but I never got around to clicking on it again. I don’t know a thing about it but I have the old ones and they are unique fun.