Together, We Can Stop $70 Games

Steve D. from Link-Cable writes: "If we act now, we can force game companies to bring their asking price back down. Let’s band together, say no to $70 games, and we might even get to save some money while we’re at it."

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morganfell32d ago

No we can't. Absurd article. Now run off an make your little petition at, or better yet use the one at

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AngelicIceDiamond31d ago

Well by sitting back and doing nothing while these publishers still throw in Microtransactions, cutting content, basically all the scams they're currently doing is a huge cause for concern. Telling ppl to do nothing about it is just as bad as defending it. That 10$ doesn't mean anything to us the gamer. Come talk to me when we see games like The Last Of Us, Red Dead, Cyber Punk, Gears 5 on the regular from AAA's with the 10$ price hike. Games get discounted pretty quickly so I say just wait for that.

morganfell31d ago

Because telling them to do something in the past has really worked out. Stop being naive. You act as if no one ever tried to buck these companies and I just plucked the idea about gamers having no will power out of thin air. What fantasy name did you give the country in which you live? It has nothing to do with telling people to do something. We could tell them to do something, plenty of us have in the past. What did that really accomplish? Not a thing. Good luck crusader. But it will not do you any good. You go ahead and wait. I'll be gaming.

rainslacker31d ago

There was a lot of vocal outcry o er those things. And many people said they wouldnt support it, or would boycott. But those people didnt add up to enough to make the publishers care, because they were making more money anyways.

It takes a massive movement, or huge drop in sales to see any negative be remedied in a way that suggests we hold power as consumers. For the past couple decades I can only think of two instances where this actually happened.

1. X1 release drm.
2. Last star wars game after several outcries and low sales on games with loot boxes...which was also backed up with ongoing investigation by legislators so publishers were not trying to draw attention to themselves.

It's hard to get enough people to care, or for there to be enough extenuating circumstances for there to be an effect on publishers greed.

AngelicIceDiamond31d ago

Nice if you to just give in but I see what you're saying, if you're favorite game or genre is suddenly 70$ sitting back and waiting for a discount is asking too much for a eager gamer especially if it's a sports game fan. Besides Sony's event EA, MS Inside Xbox and the recently ubisoft event has shown us that they're still sticking to the same formula and franchises from 3rd party AAA's. Waiting for a discount to games to that we've played over and over just got much easier. There's is nothing SO FAR in 9th gen that's worthy of 70$. I know 9th gen hasn't started yet and we're yet to see true 9th gen gaming, but we are getting a heavy early glimpse of it. ACV is 30 across all platforms. Would you still buy it if they announce it'll be 70$?

morganfell31d ago

You go play in fairy land and I'll deal with reality. Let's see who is right. You just do not understand gamers and the grand history of successful protests. Oh wait.

When people like you think burger flippers in a temp job should get $15 an hour this is what you create. Want hi tech next gen? Pay or find a new hobby. Next stop, utopia.

PSX-9431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

What a load of non-sense, it's because of the players that the dark online only future Microsoft envisioned for XBone was avoided back in 2013.

It's the players who have the power to make or break any game or system regardless of casuals because it's typically the "hardcore" who buy launch systems and they're usually well informed enough to know when they're getting ripped off.

rainslacker31d ago

Sales would have to tank for that to happen. Somehow, I dont see next gen early adopters holding off for price drops early in the gen, and by the time they might, or enough people might...which they still wouldnt...the price will be the new norm

AngelicIceDiamond31d ago

You didn't answer my question of course you wouldn't. So living in a fantasy is waiting for a game to get discounted? Waiting a month after release for a game to get cheaper is fantasy? Are you so hyped up on energy drinks/mountain dew and Doritos waiting is a unrealistic and unreachable cause for you? Publishers love customers like you. No questioning researching or waiting for a preview/studying. Just shutting up obeying, complying and buying. I rather do the opposite. If a game looks like It's worth it after previews and good reviews I'll look into that 70$ purchase. If not I'm either passing or Waiting for a discount. But hey they can release a game like Anthem for 70$ and you'll be right there in line immediately with out questioning and ready to throw your 70$ they can always bet on you.

morganfell31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Its not fantasy land to wait on a discount. Its fantasy land to expect enough gamers to wait a month after the launch of a popular game. You are projecting your behavior onto everyone else's. They won't listen. You do what you want. But it won't matter because enough gamers will not wait. And it will tell publishers the $70 price tag is okay. Pick a different hill to die on because fighting this is a lost cause. The truly laughable part was this:

" If a game looks like It's worth it after previews and good reviews I'll look into that 70$ purchase. "

You just bought into the thing about which you were complaining.

Who decides which game is worth it for everyone else? You want gamers to protest against something that you yourself just said you are willing to do FOR THE RIGHT GAME. There is a word for that. It starts with H and ends with YPOCRISY. Are you okay with the $70 price or not? Or are you only willing to hold the line against games that you do not care to pay the price? You want the world to protest against something that you just said you would cave to for the right game. Pfffttt...

morganfell31d ago

In addendum,

As I stated above, you are not the arbiter of value. Who is? The individual is for themselves.

But overall? Its the market. The market decides. If the market supports $70 games, and believe me it will, the the market has said the value is there. It doesn't matter what you, I, or anyone else thinks. It doesn't matter if worthless critics says game such and such is a steaming pile. If gamers buy it in sufficient numbers then the market has spoken and your opinion, your angst, outside of your own Utopian wishes, is worth exactly nil.

AngelicIceDiamond31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Hypocrisy? No For a quality game, if the 70$ is actually felt. Go back to my first comment where I said give me the production of Red Dead, Cyber Punk The Last Of Us on the regular. Cutting out MTX then come talk to me about a 70$ game product. But if we're still doing the same BS as of now then the price hike is a joke and ppl will push back if we're still getting the same shallow 60$ experience, there's just no way gamers as a whole will be ok with that. No if course everyone won't "join the crusade" certainly not sports fans but to your original comment there is something we can do about it. It doesn't have to be a loss cause.

morganfell31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"No For a quality game, if the 70$ is actually felt. "

Felt? So now it is about what YOU feel. Something you pick for yourself, the ability to feel value but you wish to deny to other people who feel that a game, not necessarily of AAA productions is worth $70. Maybe the subject matter is enough for them. You do not get to judge as to what they award worth. Well, you can judge it but your say so is worth $0.00

You are setting yourself up as the arbiter of value. It doesn't work that way. Gamers decide. For themselves. Most of them only need to see the next whatever. It is why you will never NEVER get them to do what YOU want. That's life. And it is a lost cause. You just refuse to acknowledge human nature and the nature of gamers specifically.

morganfell31d ago

Now out of desperation you are apparently just making up crap to argue against. Where did I say all games of a certain price were worth it. I am telling you what will happen. Unlike you I am not stating what constitutes value because any definition I could generate would only apply to me.

Why do you not comprehend gamers will not stop this because they lack will power. If, and it is if, but if companies raise the price gamers will get on board with it as soon as they see the first flashy trailer. They get hyped for EA trailers. A company with a history of repeated lies. They see game engine footage, not in game footage, but manipulated game engine footage and they forget the past and run out and buy the game. It sells millions. That is the control gamers have over their wallet. They are not that bright. Not anymore.

Personally I do not care. I have the money and another $10 for a game or another $1000 a year on games I could care less. If I want it I buy it. The other reason I do not waste time caring is because I know getting upset over something if true, I repeat IF TRUE, neither you nor I cannot prevent and such caterwauling is a waste of time and effort.

You come in here and say how evil this is...then say if the game was right you would pay the $70. That is you saying there are exceptions and you get to decide. You can't have it both ways. Either $70 is a bad price for a base game or its not. If it is not then the individual gets to decide for themselves, just like you get to decide for you, where there is value. You do not get to decide for anyone else and neither do they decide for you.

There are $59 games not worth the price. Most of them. Where did I deny that? Nowhere. One of us is talking out of the side of their mouth and it isn't me. All I have tried to say from the beginning is if the companies want this they will get it because gamers will pay it. You can keep screaming on a forum if you want but it only demonstrates you do not comprehend the lack of cohesive willpower of the gaming community.

Gaming4Life198131d ago

Well im not paying 69.99 for video games but trust and believe if the majority dont buy these games at 69.99 they will lower the price back down. Im not saying that will happen cause some people just wont care but if they did we could stop it.

There isnt a good reason for the price hike but ultimately i think these companies will see a decrease in sales.

morganfell31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Decrease in sales? No they won't. Gaming is continuing to grow and expand. The new generation is coming for two major consoles, boundaries will be technically, in some cases, pushed, and people will pay to get that new experience. It will only grow and for most major AAA titles, this will be the norm if (and that is still an if) all of these rumors are indeed true. That remains to be seen and so we do not know if this price increase rumor is true. Games could be priced at $69. Or they could hold their current mark. Certainly titles that are getting advertised "free" next gen upgrades will only cost gamers the current price. And if they are not increased it won't be because company X heard the voice of the gamers. Instead its about strategy, marketing, timing, and profit.

Cobra95131d ago

Maybe we can't oppose the hike collectively, but we sure can individually. I gave up on the idea of being able to vote with my wallet when whale-backed microtransactions and the mobile game market became prominent. There's nothing gamers with a sense of value for money can do about that orgy of needless expense. I've refused to pay big money for AAA games for over 3 years now. A $10 retail hike won't make any difference to me. I've moved to PC, where prices fall quickly, and my backlog keeps me busy while I wait.

timotim31d ago

Yes we can...we simple dont buy the $70 games until the drop below $60...its easy. Devs will soon get the memo that we just aint biting and reduce games back down to its usual $60...simple.

In the meantime though Game Pass is your friend. Thats where Ill be.

nowitzki200431d ago

I just want to know why we dont do this with MTs and lootboxes. Ill take $10 price raise before I ever buy MT.

AngelicIceDiamond31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"You are setting yourself up as the arbiter of value. It doesn't work that way."

I am? Umm if a game is gonna be 70$, 10$ more I kinda sorta want more from the product that validates that new found price, that's how it works. NBA2k 21 will "built from the ground up" for Next gen. lmao no it won't it'll just have stable frames slightly, quicker loading and better character models. That's not 70$ worthy when it'll be the same game over again.

"Felt? So now it is about what YOU feel. Something you pick for yourself"

Well Morgan go talk to Star Wars fans over Battlefront 1 and especially 2. How did their 60$ purchase go? It was a 60$ shallow over priced DLC and expansions mess, where half the games content was missing. Or the 2nd Star Wars where nearly half the games content was in loot boxes. Talk to them about how they "felt" about their 60$ purchase. Theyll give you a death stare so I'm not giving myself this golden standard that everyone should comply to what I want no it's common sense. They want to ask for 70$ then give me 70$ worth of content. Big AAA budgets where the games are freakin completed
Putting everything in the game and unlocked in the game. Expansions and DLC can come after I finish or when had my fill of the 70$ experience.

TheSaint31d ago

I don't think you understand how capitalism works.

gunnerforlife30d ago

Morganfall I've basically agreed with you on everything since the start of Ps3! But I'm starting to think you've lost your marbles here 😂 th already make billions!! They really don't need to make games 70! Especially with game development getting easier and easier nowadays! And a recession going on worldwide! Sorry but if this happens all my games with be secondhand.

WelkinCole30d ago

Agree. Human nature. Unless it is life or death people will never pull toghter. Little Timmy with moms or dads money will not care about some higher ideals or goal lol!. They will splash 100 plus on fortnight skins in a month.

Time and time again has proven it. Example start of this gen. If Sony followed MS that would have been it for second hand games. It was not gamers. It was a corp

PSX-9430d ago

Sony knew what the players wanted for 8th gen because they asked them, the players definitely have a say by voting with their wallet.

WelkinCole30d ago

@PSX-94 Yes and ofcourse gamers wanted none of what MS was aiming for however if Sony decided to go MS route do you honestly think gamers en masses would have boycotted both consoles when MS and in particular Sony started releasing their must have games?.

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rlow132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It would take gamers boycotting buying games to turn the tide......I honestly don't see that happening. Just like Metal Gear with everyone giving up the nukes. Ain't going to happen.

morganfell31d ago

Wow look. At least one person here gets it and understands when some title that gamers really want shows up on the shelf they will cough up the cash one way or another. They will complain, they will say it isn't right, and in many cases they will tell people on a forum they didn't buy it...but then they did or will. It reminds me of everyone screaming how they hate Call of Duty (I don't) and then Call of Duty is the top selling game. Wet bread has more fortitude.

Zeldafan6431d ago

Raising the price will ultimately blow up in their faces.

OtterX31d ago

I remember when everyone said they were going to boycott the horse armor, now look where we are. *sigh*

AngelicIceDiamond31d ago

People did boycott horse armor. Then they used to the frog slow boil techniques.

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

Just like we stopped companies from abusing the microtransactions model, right?

chiefJohn11731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

People simply didn't care, y'all complain yet millions buy into them. So that's not the same. If ppl actually against something and show it by mass complaints and boycotts it will be reversed.

rainslacker31d ago

You think the same thing wouldnt happen with $70 games?

You seem to have a lot of faith in the community...and even more in the general consumer.

The times where vocal outcries have any effect are so exceedingly rare, that you can count them on one hand, and probably have more fingers left than you have counted.

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ZeroBlue231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Lol, good luck. Have you turned on the news lately? It's mindblowing how much power corporate America has. They wanna give themselves a raise, they're getting a raise.

Smok9131d ago

A $70 dollar game today inflation adjusted was $50 in 2002

anast31d ago

Games are actually 80-100 usd for the complete experience. Now they will be 90-110 usd.

traumadisaster30d ago

Nope I wait a few years and buy the complete edition for less than $15. Plus that helps on pc to have the bugs worked out and hardware can run it better. On the rare occasion I'll buy a new game, can't remember the last $100 new game and season I bought.

rainslacker31d ago

Pretty sure when I spend $70 now, my bank account still takes out $70, not $50

nowitzki200431d ago

Pretty sure people make $70 easier today than they did in 2002

rainslacker31d ago

Maybe. I make more, but that's because I worked to earn credentials to maximize such things. I know some people who are making more, but the cost of living has risen well beyond what their increase in wages or salary are. While it's anecdotal, those that make lower incomes have a larger disparity between what they make, and what they need to live compared to almost 20 years ago. It's part of the so called class disparity that you hear mentioned some times, as the middle class is starting to shrink, and more people are living below the poverty line.

Economics is one of those things you have to look at in broad terms, and I've always found that discussing such things tends to lead to a lot of people speaking from their own point of view.

But for me personally, spending $50 today is no different than spending $50 20 years ago. I don't process it in my head as me spending more or less, just what I get for that $50 is less. Although that's not an absolute, as many things have gone down in price due to other factors such as trade incentives, particularly with China.

How this relates to games is that production costs haven't really increased significantly since 2002 where they did have a spike due to the jump into last gen game design which did require more people from the prior gen. But, at the same time, gaming took off in a big way, and the market increased dramatically in a relatively short time. This allowed prices to stay low because there were more people to sell to, as production costs are a set cost that doesn't increase as demand goes up....which is yet another factor when determining costs.

OtterX31d ago

Yea I had a lot of disposable income back then at age 21/22, not as much these days with a wife and 2 kids! XD

olafu31d ago

If there was no DLC and microtrnsactions that would have some value, but as it is half these games should be free with the way they sell predatory crap.

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