Can Nintendo Keep up with Next-Gen?

Mike T. from Link-Cable writes: "Besides the PC. those three companies are the only big players in gaming left, but with the next-gen strides that PlayStation and Xbox take console after console, how likely is it that Nintendo will still keep up? Well, lucky for you I have broken down three main ways in which it will, and three main ways in which it won’t."

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fonger0825d ago

The first year of any next gen typically has cross gen games (particularly for 3rd party) so they might get a few ports here and there. Developers aren’t going to completely ignore a console that’s nearing 70 million. But I would think we got maybe 2yrs left until the next Nintendo console is announced.

anonymousfan25d ago

I agree third party arent gonna ignore it giving its rapidly growing user base however I am hoping we get fewer "lesser" ports of otherwise better performing games and instead more games unique to the platform and better thought out to utilize its limited power.

Decatholacmango24d ago

Hopefully the next switch is minimum 2 TF. Mobile tech is advancing fast but not sure how much power Nintendo can give us for $299

fonger0824d ago

It will interesting to see no doubt. They could still get quiet a few Xbox360/PS3 era ports/remasters and then NBA 2k franchise. I think one the biggest issues right now with ports is the capacity of the 32gb cartridge, which I thought they going to get the 64gb ones this year... but COVID might be delaying all that.

Sonic-and-Crash25d ago

Nintendo with its superior inner software studios has the ability to be competitve even if it is one generation behind ...Mario s odyssey and mario Kart 8 s quality is still to be matched by any ps4/xone game of similar not fanatic of Ninty but its games quality remains unscathed all these years

deafdani24d ago

While I agree with you regarding the power of Nintendo's own studios, that does not change the fact that the Switch will be 2 full generations behind once PS5 and Series X release, power-wise. I know that's not the focus of the Switch, being portable and all, but it's still a weird position to be in.

Cmv3825d ago

I don't think its ignoring its about can the switch handle the port. And right now it can't. I think the switch 2 will be more capable.

ocelot0725d ago

I think it would be silly of Nintendo to announce a new console like a switch 2. But a switch pro would be ideal.

fonger0824d ago

I mean in 2022 it will 5yrs since the Switch was released and then maybe a launch in 2023. I could be wrong but Ijust don’t see them doing a Switch pro

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CaptainHenry91625d ago (Edited 25d ago )

As long as they keep making great exclusives

Shiken25d ago

There are three types of gamers out there...

- Those that feel insecure about Nintendo's recent success and try to downplay (usually failing) said success to help themselves sleep at night.

- Those that are oversensitive to the above group, and blindly white knight without acknowledging where Nintendo needs to improve.

- Those that just play and enjoy the games of whatever console they feel like, while being incredibly annoyed yet also entertained by the stupidity of both of the above groups.

Shiken24d ago

Judging by the agree to disagree ratio and the fact that two of the 3 groups would be at odds with such a comment, I would say I hit the nail on the head. ;)

FallenAngel198425d ago

Nintendo’s greatest successes of the 21st century didn’t come about because they tried to keep up with its competition

TheEnigma31325d ago

They stopped that after the gamecube

FallenAngel198425d ago

Wii U was released to catch up with the tech of PS3 & 360 though

Gardenia24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Technically Nintendo is ahead when it comes to console releases. The Switch should be on par with the PS5 if you look at it that way.
But Nintendo is not about the most powerful console. The Wii and Switch are prove of that. They always have done things their own way.

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