Carrion, a Reverse Horror Game, Releases July 23

Carrion, the reverse horror game by Phobia Game Studio, received a new trailer during the Devolver Direct. The game will be releasing later this month.

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ZeekQuattro34d ago

Makes me think of The Ooze on the Genesis. The Blob as well obviously.

CaptainCook34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I wish I could preload it on Xbox Game Pass. I can't wait to play it.

Edit: Now you can preload it via Xbox Game Pass App

Anomander34d ago

Not yet at least. Not sure if this is a timed release for Xbox like some stuff, but heck they can always play it on PC if they don't want to wait. Need to get get this preloaded on Gamepass. Love the Monster look in this.

sourOG34d ago

Nice didn’t know it was on gamepass. I’ll play it on gamepass and buy it in on PS4 eventually if it comes out.

Anomander33d ago

You can buy it on Gamepass as well and get the discount ;)

Spicyram34d ago

How does that look horrible?

34d ago
Anomander33d ago

Maybe he's afraid of Monsters.

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