Far Cry 6 Release Date and Trailer Leaks

The Far Cry 6 release date and trailer has leaked ahead of tomorrow's Ubisoft Forward digital event! Watch Giancarlo Esposito in action here.


Admin note: embed updated.

Gameplay will be shown from various sites after Ubisoft's showcase. Embargo on gameplay is up then, but many sites have already played and were allowed to record gameplay.

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Fishy Fingers77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

If you prefer your trailers in English. Dont waste your time. Wait till tomorrow.

excaliburps77d ago

Crazy how this leaked though. I mean, AC Valhalla gameplay and then this? Ubisoft has lots of holes in their barrels or just a clever marketing ploy.

solideagle77d ago

also AC Valhalla 17th November release date

Profchaos77d ago

Pretty much everything ubi leaks they even joked about it in watch dogs 2 with a mission that lets you infiltrate ubi studio's and leak a game

morganfell77d ago

I'll go with marketing ploy. Especially right now. Ubi needs people talking about games instead of less comfortable subjects.

anonymousfan77d ago

Didn't get to see it before taken down... Any gameplay in there?

Nitrowolf277d ago

its on the site, and no full CGI

77d ago
Jin_Sakai77d ago

More CGI garbage. When will developers learn.

Eamon77d ago

A more urban Far Cry? Interesting...

lazyboyblue77d ago

Tropical setting with a city at its centre.

ps3rider77d ago

Tropical, means green palm with beaches and resorts. I cant see one of them in the leaked trailer.

ChristopherJack77d ago

I thought tropical meant located in the tropics- the region around the equator of the Earth.

This is clearly based around Latin America, the vast majority of which is centred within the tropics.

Bootyholetickler6977d ago

Based on the headphones the kid is using in the beginning it looks like the theory it’s a young Vaas are false.

chicken_in_the_corn77d ago

Hioe this doesn't have New Dawn's RPG style

masterfox77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Seriously I'm telling you game publishers are running out of imagination or ideas, I remember the time when I wanted to play a game to have just fun and forget about the social issues , that's what's gaming is about to have fun and not play a game to get depressed, but now it seems we lived the social issues in our games now too, new hardware generation releases equals more power to do more things, but this doesn't mean devs need to direct their creation toward todays reality human issues, the developers need to think more outside the box and think there is a universe outhere instead or throwing in our faces the human social decadence.

Lennoxb6377d ago

Politics and social issues have been in games since almost the beginning of games. Don't know what you're talking about

Profchaos77d ago

I think he's hinting at missing games like Duke Nukem and doom which are less frequently released game styles these days

Grown Folks Talk77d ago

The same people who think X-Men shouldn't have any social or political themes. You wonder if they pay attention.

Dirtnapstor77d ago

Do you really think the devs whipped up this narrative based on what has come to pass these past few months?! Promise this had already been penned for years. Social commentary of today is just mere coincidence. There is nothing new under the sun.

Takwin77d ago

You used a lot of words to show us you don't get it.

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