Itching for a good story? Try these narrative-driven games

Games have enormous untapped potential to tell new and compelling stories through interactivity. You won’t be stuck in a long, drawn-out cutscene in these games. These stories are told through player interaction.

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Silly gameAr462d ago

Let me know when The Wolf Among Us Season 2 comes out. Till then, meh.

Tross462d ago

The first (or I guess only) season is still very much recommended, as are the comics that I only have four deluxe editions of so far. But, yeah. A season 2 would be amazing.

gamefreaks365461d ago

The Wolf Among Us 2 was teased at The Game Awards last December. Haven't heard anything since though.

462d ago
Knightofelemia462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Let me know when Tales from the Borderlands Season 2 comes out. Till then, meh.

rainslacker461d ago

Not having Fiona in BL3 was criminal IMO. Only one line where she's even referenced, and a picture on a desk, but they didn't even give her a part.:*(

One of my favorite characters of all time, and instead of even a cameo, we get a bunch of jokes about Rhys' mustache.

Oh well. Maybe in some DLC. The reference to her was that Rhys was looking for her. Still haven't played the season pass post content DLC yet.

Bismarn462d ago

No thanks, Forza's enough for me

Sunny12345462d ago

as good as indie stories are, i prefer the aaa titles.

HankHill461d ago

The only game he plays is TLOU2.

TheRealTedCruz461d ago

He's the sort of guy who only appreciates something that has Sony on the box. Just check his comments.
If Playstation starts really pushing indie development though, his tune will change.

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