The 8 hardest Nintendo games of all time - SQUAD

This is for all the oldheads who’ve complained that video games aren’t made the same. The gamers that didn’t screech in agony, spurting obscenities at other people, but instead internalized that pain to their very core. It’s nostalgia that relives past trauma that some players look fondly of. You say you have completed any of the games on this list of hardest Nintendo games of all-time? Sorry, it’s hearsay unless you have Polaroids to prove it.

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rlow134d ago

Ghost and goblins is insanely hard. Rygar not so much, was able to finish it without losing any lives.

Genova8433d ago

They even mention farming xp. There's one spot with an easy enemy that gives 4xp. Think it took me 30 mins to level up enough for it to be a cake walk.

adamwparker33d ago

I recently played it again on an emulator, using save states constantly so I wouldn't be sent far back when dying.
Beat it(or thought that I did) and was kindly reminded that you start the entire game over and have to beat it again...with more hazards.

I don't know if the arcade coin op of this was ever beaten, lol.

Genova8433d ago

Did you make the mistake of not using the shield weapon too? Failure to grab and keep that makes you start back at level 5. It's infuriating.

AnnaDea33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Try US version of Star Force and come back.

Minute Man 72133d ago

Agreed with everything on the list except Contra.

We got so good at Contra we started playing without the code and beat it without dying once

anast33d ago

I would have swapped Tyson's Punch Out with Kid Icarus or Friday the 13th.

Yui_Suzumiya33d ago

I beat Jason twice when I was a kid but he just comes back faster and stronger. I don't even know if it can be beat at all.

Genova8433d ago

Adventure Island. Anyone beat that one? Anyone?

themasterbaker33d ago

Yo wtf I thought that game was a fever dream from my childhood