What Does The Future of Gaming Actually Look Like?

From 1080p to 4K. Game streaming to VR. Whether you sit on the couch, train or a park bench... What does the Future of Gaming look like?

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Knightofelemia82d ago

I wish games were like Sword Arts Online like Kirito just wear a headset and you're fully immersed into the world. Feeling the warmth from the sun, feel the breeze, listen to a bunch of squawking seagulls man I wish that technology existed.

Gazabyte82d ago

I know what you mean, I feel like one day, perhaps in the next 20 years that may be closer to reality.

Eonjay81d ago

What you are describing is called the Playstation 9 and I think it's like 50 years away.

Locutus_of_borg81d ago

Just look at Console article on n4g whilst sitting outside and you can experience a lot of that ... 😁

anonymousfan81d ago

Especially these days when the real deal (i.e. a trip to the beach down south) isn't possible thanks to silly Covid...

agent453281d ago

That would be awesome. That's what I want

SierraGuy81d ago

Maybe try walking outside sometime?

Tross80d ago

Well, we're already playing the same MMO as Tier Zoo anyways. I have a fondness for some of the included sub-games though.

Tross80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I both do and don't wish that existed. It makes sense that such technology would require one to be induced sleep to do its job, but apparently it can also potentially trap one in the game world. I mean, science doesn't explain that part, so maybe that particular drawback wouldn't be an issue in practice. I do wonder what kind of neurological effects a system like that could realistically have though.

Oh well, if I'm going to burn out my retinas playing games anyways, it can't be that much worse. The increased immersion would be awesome. Drawback #2: if you think people have bad MMO addictions now...

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airshiraz81d ago

i think vr is the future of life!

TargusX81d ago

Console. No Mt's, Offline mp bots. Physical discs. Heaven.

Gazabyte81d ago

Sure seems like the past to me! Don't think we'll ever revert to a world with physical discs and without MTX

Shikoku81d ago

That's easy shyt because mega corps will own everything

Eonjay81d ago

This is pretty much it and most of us are trying to link long enough to try it lol.

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