Why Phantasy Star III is Better Than You Remember

Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom is one of the most hated games in the series, but it's still better than what you remember.

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Vits26d ago

I don't think that the game is one of the most hated in the series. But if we are talking about only the main series, there are only 4 of those. And between all of them the third is the worst. It have some cool ideas, but you don't feel playing a game of series for the majority of it and lot of mechanics needed more time in the oven.

That said. It's not a bad game at all. It's one of the best Mega Drive RPGs out there and could use a remake (well the whole series could to be honest).

Petebloodyonion25d ago

I loved Phantasy star 3 but let's be honest the game does suck compared to the other
Here's the plus or what I loved from the game
- Best paper gaming ads (come on don't tell me you don't picture the skeleton where it says you marry, have kids grow old and die)
- The music from the intro (it's one of the best music ever made on Genesis and you can feel the despair of the world just by hearing the song and reading the scrolling text.
- Graphics
Wren's transformation into a jet or boat (honestly it was freaking cool)

The bad
- the text that would skip super fast between sentence making you believe each time that you missed part of the discussion
- Combat animation (they suck real time)
- enemy animation and design
- magic is completely useless except for heal
- 4 ending that are basically the same
- Annoying combat music