Ubisoft Investigation: 100+ Cases From Psychological Harassment To Rape

French Newspaper Liberation did an in-depth investigation of the Ubisoft harassment cases and turns out, the HR knew about 100+ cases.

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zackeroniii22d ago

safe to say ubisoft is more garbage and dispicable than EA?

22d ago
xTonyMontana22d ago

EA might make a big fuss about how they are great employers but I bet they have skeletons in their closest.

rainslacker21d ago

I think any company the size of these companies probably has a copious number if these kinds of cases within their HR. What really matters is how they handle them. If you ignore them, or dont take them seriously, then that's bad.

When you're a company that has a few thousand employees in multiple offices around the world with their own management teams, there are always going to be those people that dont behave in an acceptable manner.

Not sure how ubisoft handled any of these cases here, and not making any excuses for them, but think perspective is important in discussing this issue since so many people immediately jump to the worst possible conclusion.

OtterX22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

My wallet is a victim.

(....sorry, not to make light of those issues if they are true. just saying it's a common trend.)

OtterX21d ago

*sorry guys, in retrospect looking back at it, I feel this joke was in bad taste. Feel free to collapse this as inappropriate.

ifrit_caress22d ago

Ubisoft is truly despicable.

ChristopherJack22d ago

How do you let something like this build up? Surely someone should have reported this to the authorities.

LucasRuinedChildhood22d ago

I would urge people to actually read the article before leaving a comment for a more serious topic like this.

sourOG22d ago

I couldn’t get through that article. “Psychological harassment” isn’t a high bar these days. What I got out of the first bit is “the VP is a dick and UBisoft values him more than me.” Welcome to the workforce.

I didn’t get to the rape part but that’s unacceptable in any view. I didn’t even get to the “endorsed toxic behavior” because the article was so filler-based. It could be bad, it could be weirdo entitlement. I don’t know and this article do much to make me care. Maybe that’s why the original article is behind a paywall.

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