Persona 4 Golden has hit 500,000 players on PC

Persona 4 Golden is super successful on PC.

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garos8233d ago

good to hear. Worthy game for more recognition

phoenixwing33d ago

I plan to buy that once my computer arrives. bought a pc with rx 2070 super with i7-9700f intel chip 16gb of ram. joined the pc master race. plan to buy a ps5 down the road once it's cheap. as for xbox yeah no need to buy one at all

TFJWM33d ago

Only people that build their own PC are part of the Master race...And you didn't even put the speed of the ram

phoenixwing33d ago

ddr4 sdram 3000mghz. also you take the fun out of the master race js

AceRimmer30233d ago

Can't tell if satire or pathetic gatekeeping...

Axecution33d ago

Bought it day 1 but Yahtzee's review kinda turned me off lol. I know he purposely focuses on and exaggerates the negatives for comedic effect and i recognize that but i didn't realize the grind needed

Ill try it soon! I have too many games on the go right now anyway

MTVBG33d ago

Though I'm usually heavily averse to grind, Persona 4 is in my top 5 of all time, possibly at 1. But tbh I think what helped is that I had the Vita version and I played it a lot while commuting, and RPG grinding on a train/bus feels less offensive than grinding when I'm at home. I felt that when I got burned out on Persona 5 a little, despite the gameplay being better/smoother and the grind not being so egregious.

Still, the difficulty options (which boost loot and XP) should really help with this one. Honestly, it's got one of the best stories I've seen in a game, and getting/developing Personas was always fun to me. And the grind isn't as bad as your average JRPG, a genre which has definitely earned its reputation for ugly grinding. Hope you enjoy it when you get to it.

garos8233d ago

you make a good point on the grinding aspect of it. Persona 4 remains till date the best RPG ive played, but i think the story is also the strongest. I havent played p3 tho and i know people really love that one

garos8233d ago

mate enjoy. If turn based rpgs are your thing, youve just bought the best one ever made imo

NukeDaHippies33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Well, I think his review was quite off base. While there are aspects that have to be better due to the release date, Story and Characters are better in 4....much better imo. As high quality as 5 is, it still doesn't live up to 4 in the areas that matter for me.

Also, 5 having better music is EXTREMELY debatable. "Reach out to the Truth" in no way lives in Last Surprises shadow. It would come down to taste because both games have different genres of music for their soundtrack(made by the same person of course)

-Gespenst-33d ago

Roll on P5 on PC. At long last.

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