Godfall Reveals PS5 Box Art

Today Gearbox Publishing released the first look at the PS5 box art of its upcoming looting-slashing game Godfall.

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sushimama34d ago

Looks cool. The game seems like a Soulslike Destiny or Warframe kind of game. Could be good. But the marketing around this game has not been the greatest. Needs to pick up steam in the following months ahead I would say.

pwnmaster300034d ago

Yeah it could be one of those sleeper hits that don’t get good reviews but a possible cult followers you know.
The game cover is nice and the case is growing on me a bit tbh.

Apex1334d ago

Name me a launch title on a Sony or Xbox platform that has been a sleeper hit

pwnmaster300034d ago

PS3 had resistance fall of man which I think it was a sleeper hit and under rated.
I remember several 360 fanboys knocking it saying it was generic and comparing it to halo. It got pretty over looked at first.
That had a pretty good follower over time and enough to get a sequel.

But for godfall I wasn’t saying it’s going to be, but could be.
People like these types of games.

Sitdown34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Condemned for the 360?
Kameo for the 360?

starchild34d ago

I kind of wish the cases were black or a smokey gray color, but I do like the black lettering on white background. Matches the PS5 color scheme.

pinkcrocodile7533d ago

it may become a hit but on the other hand it could be another "The Order 1886" it all depends

Marquinho33d ago

I've seen the game in action and looks like a generic combination of Darksiders with RPG elements. I will be (pleasantly) impressed if it ends up being good.

bouzebbal33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I'm still not fan of the white and blue

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NeoGamer23233d ago

So, what you are saying is marketing which sensationalizes and stretches the truth about a product needs to improve for Godfall? Are you trying to sell the game?

Ummmmmm. OK. I don't know if this will be a great game or not. But, to say marketing needs to pick it up is the last thing a game needs. Maybe there needs to be even more gameplay shown for gamers to make informed decisions.

sushimama33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

No. Marketing is not BS. Marketing is putting this game into people's mind. I just meant that I want to see so much more from the game. I want to hear more from the Developer as well. I want to see more. I think you'll admit that the 'buzz' surrounding this game is kind of nonexistant. Don't you think? Maybe we'll see more in the months ahead, like I said.

Judging by the downvotes on my initial post, I think people misjudged what I meant. I probably shouldn't have used the term 'marketing'. What you said is no where near what I meant.,

NeoGamer23233d ago

Marketing has the sole purpose to promote a product in the best way possible to get more sales. Anyone who thinks marketing is anything else is clearly delusional and knows nothing about business.

I respect people that do marketing, but the reality is that there is two purposes for the profession. Sell and build brands to sell more. No marketing is looking out for a gamer. Marketing is trying to take the gamer's money.

sushimama33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Well then. Don't you think it needs more Marketing so the game sells more when the PS5 launches? Marketing does not have to LIE. Just show more truth from the game.

I don't understand why you're pissed at me lol. I like the game. I want to play the game. I'm not into "business". I'm an Instrumentation Technician lol. Sorry.

The inital 'No' in my second post was to answer your first question. It's not what I meant. If I got the definition wrong on 'marketing' then I apologise. I'm not a friggin Salesman

RabbitFly33d ago

It's an online game. It can live or die by it's marketing.

If the game is good, but the marketing is bad, it can still die. Which would be sad for people that enjoy the game.

You seem to be taking a very black and white view on this. Which seems ideologically based. No one is saying that they want the game to receive more bad marketing I. e. Lies. As that rarely helps give a service game long legs.

More gameplay shown is also marketing btw. So what are you really saying?

NeoGamer23233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Sorry, don't misunderstand my message.

I am not at all mad at you, but we are living in a time where people are not making decisions based on facts. You say the game needs more marketing, but what the game needs is more walkthroughs with gameplay that really show what it is going to be all about.

I am interested in the game, right now it looks to be a hack 'n' slash Borderlands. And will probably end up getting this game if it is decent at all.

But, all around us right now everything is being sensationalized and a ton of people are stretching the truth. This is what marketing does. This is what news is becoming. This is what politicians do. And this is what fanboys do.

What I want to see from this game is a real gamer previewing it for 2-3 hours showing how interesting the game is to actually play. Not some marketing group showing flashes of gameplay and highlighting its loot fest.

SLiSH198332d ago

It looks rather ehh
It might be fun, who knows till we play it right, but right now for me it looks rather bland

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Jin_Sakai34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Wish they’d change the case color to accommodate the white more. Doesn’t really got together IMO.

ziggurcat34d ago

The console is black, white with blue LED... don't know how much more in sync it could be.

starchild34d ago

I think if the plastic part was black or dark smokey gray you could have the PS5 lettering in black on the white background the same as it is now, but then have the Playstation symbol in blue. I think that would look good and be even more of a match to the look of the console. But I like the cases as they are now too.

Shane Kim33d ago


Dawg come on. Your gonna look at the case for 10 secs then toss it away and play the game.

The amount of whining on this site...

Magatsuhi33d ago


How can you say that? The ps5 is majority white and black but the cases are all blue with a white strip. How is that in sync with the console? The box should've been all black to match 4k blurays.

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RaidenBlack33d ago

The cover-art is good.
But I still don't like the box's template design. 🙈
I am a big fan of physical boxes but this just looks bland and boring.
Sony simply took PS4 box design, changed the number 4 to 5 and header color from blue to white.
That's just ... uninspiring. 😕

Magatsuhi33d ago

Don't you know you're not allowed to criticize Sony here? You got some nerve.

RaidenBlack32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It was my emotional outburst.
I like collecting physical game boxes. And I quite liked PS4 boxes.
But this just de-motivates me from buying those as if they want to say, "go digital instead ... why get boxes?"
This was my honest opinion. A gamer can have honest opinion here, right?

purple10133d ago

It's growing on me

the first time I saw Spider-Man case, it was enough to make me want the digital only console, haha.

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