Sealed Super Mario Bros sells for record-breaking $114,000 at auction

Heritage Auctions sold the sealed 35-year-old NES game on Friday, July 10 during a public auction.

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rataranian28d ago

Anytime I see one of these stories I just remember back when I was a kid getting a game at Toys R Us. You used to get this ticket off the display wall in the store and pick up the game at a window up front. But all around the walls going up like 20ft were stacks of new games.

GrizToof28d ago

You collectors with a lot of money are idiots.... its mario Brothers for NES.... Thats almost nothing.

Minute Man 72128d ago

Nothing???? Super Mario changed video games

Rhythmattic28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

so did pong, space invaders , ect ect..
but there is not doubt , SMB on my NES was possibly one of the first games in my experience that wasn't just levels either repeating upping the difficulty....

Thing is, whoever bought it also will never open it.. is it an investment, or just a way to stroke their ego?

Many people that can afford such a spend , always want that one thing no one else has,,, its the rarity ,a rarity we all (well us old fossils) played decades ago...

I say good luck, because I bet , anyone with that sort of cash have their own princess to look after..... probably no different, their princess is a trophy... or maybe a Achievement , a modern twist.


Minute Man 72128d ago

Those games you listed only had one scene, Super Mario was the 1st to let you explore an actual game world

Knightofelemia28d ago

Wonder what Legend of Zelda gold cart in this condition would go for same with Little Samson