Here's a Downside of the Death of Loading Screens You Might Not Have Considered

Loading screens might be about to disappear with the next-gen consoles, but according to one developer, there's a downside to this as well.

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ccgr33d ago

Gamers will have to read faqs/instructions instead of relying on load screen tips

ColdSin33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

That is one thing that many RPGs depended on. Hopefully they adapt to the new situation in a meaningful way (instead of requiring players to click on menus that is).

sushimama33d ago

Come on. It is extremely rare to actually get a tip that you don't already know from a loading screen. I can't remember the last time I actually saw a 'tip' on a loading screen that helped me in any way. This kind of talk is ridiculous. There is ZERO downside to having no loading screens.

Knushwood Butt33d ago

Last of Us II didn't have load screens after the initial load before you start playing, and put tutorials within the in-game UI.

So, yeah, this is a non-issue.

rainslacker32d ago

Depended on? They still slap the same things up in tutorials, and anything else can be found usually without much issue. I've come across handy tips through load screens, but it's not something I'm going to lament the loss of. Since installing an SSD in my PS4, they often go buy so fast, and repeat so often, that they're meaningless.

Profchaos32d ago

Most games start with a control tutorial so I don't see it being an issue.

Army_of_Darkness32d ago

This isn't even a downside at all, the game's beginning tutorials tell you what you need to know already and you can always re-read what you forgot in the menu screen.
So basically, no downside to non-existing load screens.

bouzebbal32d ago

Yeah, back to the 90s where we read the manual 100 times before booting the game the first time

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xer033d ago (Edited 33d ago )

They can still present tips in game or on an interruption screen.
I don't understand the drama.

It can be like hitting pause on a movie or having a training section.

victorMaje33d ago

Or developers add the tips/instructions in-game, from a character or notes.
I for one won’t miss loading screens.

32d ago
xTonyMontana32d ago

Or god forbid, they could bring back instruction manuals. I miss reading them. Only real downside I see from the SSDs is it means expanding them will cost more while it's relatively cheap to buy a 2tb hard drive. A small price to pay though.

Acecalibur32d ago

Lol at kids relying on that.

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Hakuoro33d ago

Honestly, I can't wait for the SSD. Since we found out about that every time I am stuck at some loading screen it only reminds me how much I won't miss them.

And as for the article, they don't have to get rid of the lore bumpers they just need to allow people to press X to move past them. If players want to read it fine, for people who don't they can move along with the game.

sushimama32d ago

It's actually one of the most exciting things for me. Playing a game like Hitman where you load your game A LOT, with hopefully no loading screens wil blow my mind. That's 'next gen' as far as I'm concerned. Starting up a game in like 10 seconds, instead of 3 minutes like in Monster Hunter World. Just everything loading super friggin fast. That's the most exciting thing about next gen for me personally

masterfox33d ago

I think there is no downside, devs will now have more freedom to create their games they want so not sure how that is a downside, for example Super Metroid when you change from an area to another at some point the whole level changes and the music too and it was freaking awesome!!, or Link to the Past when you entered a portal to Dark World no effing loading screens, somehow Sony is managing to create a console that will provide us once again the gaming feeling when we had cartridges(instant-gaming) back then but this time while using insane amounts of data!, that's effing incredible imo.

King_Noctis33d ago

That is a really valid argument. I go to the loo if there is a long load screen.

sushimama32d ago

What about Pause button? Or hiding in a place with no monsters like in Dark Souls lol

isarai33d ago

You know where you could put all that info? In a paper manual like you did before everyone cheaped out to maximize profit ya greedy bastards

hectorius33d ago

isarai6h ago
You know where you could put all that info? In a paper manual like you did before everyone cheaped out to maximize profit ya greedy bastards***

Or they could provide an array of speakers/ mics for voice detection and an "Assistant" to help you with all your game queries.. Oh wait.

LordoftheCritics33d ago

Or design the game in a manner so everything to be learned and the way to learn it is within the game itself without breaking immersion?

Tross33d ago

That is definitely a possibility. There's something to be said for good game design. Not all devs can think outside the box like that though.

Tross33d ago

I used to love those. They were also kind of like mini art books. Modern gamers don't know what they're missing.

byconcept33d ago

Yeah the grand theft auto minibooks were always amazing

IRetrouk33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The tekken ones were great, got full write ups on the characters and what they were at, miss that sort of thing to be honest.

Snookies1232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yeah, I dislike the weightlessness of physical games these days... The manuals used to give such a great sensation of weight to the game case. Had all kinds of awesome info that usually wasn't present in-game. And had amazing art as well. I certainly do miss them.

Games1st32d ago

I was thinking that it's for the enviroment.

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