New Ghost of Tsushima Trailer From Japan Is Epic Like a Samurai Movie

Today the Japanese arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer of the upcoming open-world adventure game Ghost of Tsushima.

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NecrumOddBoy23d ago

I'm so ready for this game. I love that we have seen nothing. There will be so much to explore on this island. 1 more week!

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bouzebbal22d ago

didnt play anything decent since FF7R.. cannot wait for next week.

starchild23d ago

This is probably my favorite trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. It definitely harkens back to the old samurai films from the 50s to the 80s.

Now I have the game pre-loaed on my PS4 Pro and I can't wait to play it in 6 more days.

indysurfn22d ago

Wait what?! Hmmmm......I need to get craken and pre pay at Gamestop!

indysurfn22d ago

I know this may be blasphemy to some but, This looks like TENCHU on steroids with a slice of Horizon Zero dawn graphics added for effect! (Please be like TENCHU especially how he can stab you from the roof top). Im hoping for some stealth and some awesome MUSIC!

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Abnor_Mal23d ago

New Ghost of Tsushima trailer from Japan is "Epic"...

Uh oh is that you Tim Sweeney, will we find out SP will be using UE5? Did Sony have some kind of deal to use the engine on GoT? Enquiring minds want to know.


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Spicyram23d ago

Lmao exactly this. Making extraordinary claims, with literally ZERO evidence. It's like a tsunami wave of stupidity hit n4g in that article you're referencing

Germ_the_Nobody23d ago

ugh There are too many boring trailers for this game. Game looks amazing, trailers are boring. I'm so confused.

sushimama23d ago

Shush you Germ. How could you think this trailer is boring lol? It's one of the least boring trailers for a game I've ever seen Germ. May I suggest not watching a single trailer for the game, Germ. I mean it's a cinematic open-world game in figgin' Japan, Germ. I mean comeon Germ. Don't be confused, be... Better Lol nah, please be EXCITE. I like your name Germ.

Germ_the_Nobody23d ago

lol Most trailers bug me man. Like I don't hate the trailer but it does bore me. Cinematic trailers themselves need to stop. I miss trailers from like 20 - 30 years ago where they showed teases of cool stuff, teases of small stuff, and just teases.

Not that tease the title screen bullcrap but like 10 - 15 seconds of different scenes and stuff. Most trailers these days are just terrible.

indysurfn22d ago

I can see it being boring GERM! But like you said the game looks FUN! Im in first day! Maybe some JRPG kinda music would make it more exciting. Or some Yuki Kajiura music!

Germ_the_Nobody22d ago

lol I have it preordered and preloaded. =)

Elda23d ago

One more week for another release of a AAA PS4 exclusive.

indysurfn22d ago

Boooo! Said no one! Lol....oh wait I didnt count Phil Spencer.

TommyVercetti8823d ago (Edited 23d ago )

That scène with the volcano in the background........awesome. I hope they release it for the pc in the future.

Games1st22d ago

Yep I want to play it on my pc2

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The story is too old to be commented.