Ubisoft Forward, PAX Online, GDC, Sony And MS On BJ Shea's Geek Nation On KISW FM

This week for his segment on BJ Shea’s Geek Nation on KISW FM; The Rev and Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed discuss the upcoming online conventions and showcases and a Far Cry 6 rumor. They talk about Devolver Digital, Ubisoft Forward, GDC, Gamescom, the Xbox and rumored PS Showcases, and a discussion of PAX Online and more. The segment kicks things off at the 1:08 point of the show.

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seanpitt2327d ago

Not expecting anything special from far cry 6 it’s been the same game since far cry 3 no innovation whatsoever.

Garethvk27d ago

The gameplay is the same but I liked 5 and the sequel. I know 3 was a better game but that stealth mission really frustrated me. I think the storyline of five grabbed me more. I was not a fan of 2 as that Malaria pills every so often I think took away from the game. I think it may be more in line with 4 from the rumors.

Garethvk27d ago

Thank you for listening btw. They air it early and I try to get the feed version up and out early but usually it is when I just woke up.

ps3rider27d ago

say something useful... you are negative person

Garethvk27d ago

How exactly am I negative? Not looking for a fight just curious as after 12+ years on the show and 30+ in media that is not something that is said about me especially by those who do not know me.

Garethvk27d ago

Teaser Trailer leaked as well so hopefully we will get some gameplay this weekend and not just cinematics.

ps3rider26d ago

play zelda its pretty much your cup of tea

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Garethvk26d ago

Not sure what they were looking at.