Sony's Beta System Lowdown

Gamer Limit writes: "Sony has constantly been pushing to improve every aspect of the Playstation 3 since launch and to any owner this is quite obvious. The platform has grown by enormous amounts over the past 2 years. The Playstation 3 is a fantastic addition to any household whether you game or not. But one thing that seemingly pushes Sony above, and cost them far less than advertising, is the Beta program they run."

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-EvoAnubis-5237d ago

Thanks for this; some people seem to have NO IDEA what the concept of a "beta" is or their role as a "beta tester." I see too often people whining about issues in a beta, not realizing that is the entire point; to identify problems so that they can be addressed.

Fullish5237d ago

yeah i agree, betas shouldn't be viewed as complete projects.
/Good article.