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The studio's latest creation is a masterpiece in narrative story. The gameplay has evolved and the game presents awe-inspiring visual effects. The Last of Us Part II displays the best post-apocalyptic world made to date, and uses it to lay bare the human nature in various conditions. While the previous title was all about love, this time revenge takes the center stage, and makes us face our judgment.

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sushimama1058d ago

But how can they praise the story? Hmmm strange /s

Loved this game. Still catch myself thinking about it. I'm currently watching a few playthroughs lol. Can't get enough it seems

1057d ago
Yui_Suzumiya1054d ago

Suzy Lu and MissClickGaming are doing playthroughs of it

Sunny123451057d ago

Another 10/10. F off haters. Dont comment here.

TheEnigma3131057d ago

Another great review. This game is classic despite cry babies butthurt about the story.

sourOG1057d ago

Just finished it and I thought it was great. My favorite game so far this year. I wouldn’t go 10/10 level but it was really fun. I wasn’t a fan of the first so I had my doubts but I decided to give it a shot. I’m really glad I did. Blows the first game out of the water imo. I will probably play it again until ghost comes out.