Epic CEO responds to claims Sony investment influenced positive PS5 comments

Sweeney insists “serious” talks started after PS5 demo.

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Epic will probably have a standard Unreal engine 5 that will be used for PC & Xbox SX games, but will have a advanced set of tools specially designed for PS5 and it's SSD / architecture.
As UE5 will be used a lot, we will see those differences coming through on third party games, especially if PS5 is picked as the lead platform for development, which Epic will probably push when they send out the software.

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so now there are secret tools that are exclusive? Smh. Y'all really don't understand business.

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Yeah, it's just a play on words of the "secret sauce" everyone was laughing at with the XBone.

Don't go there

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There are exclusive tools for the controller.

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So you insert the word secret then try to ridicule others for something you brought into the conversation? There would be nothing secret about Sony paying Epic to refine and adjust the U5 PS5 pipeline. Have you never used an engine? This would not be to hold other platforms back hold but instead allow the U5 PS5 pipeline to play to the PS5’s strengths and provide tools so in a very discernible manner it sets PS5 versions apart. Devs have never seen a system with the PS5s IO structure and so they need the tools that move them away from employing it like a standard storage system and allow them to easily change the way they build worlds and make their games. It isn’t rocket surgery levels of comprehension.

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Why is everyone (Xbox fanboys) assuming they want to only invest in Epic for video game? As the article states:

“The pair said the arrangement would allow them to broaden their collaboration across all of Sony’s entertainment assets. Epic’s Unreal technology has been leveraged by high profile film and television projects, most recently LucasFilm’s The Mandalorian.”

Some of you people forget (salty) Sony is more than a game company lol.

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Some people haven’t seen how they shot certain scenes in The Mandalorian.

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PS5 is the only consumer electronic device on the planet with a effective 5.5 Gb/s SSD. Xbox has more than half that. I hope Epic make custom tool for next gen SSD. That will be good for PC too when they catch up. We wouldn't want current gen SSD speed on PS5 like Xbox will ship with.

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It's not about secret exclusive tools, it's about investing in engines to take advantage of the best exclusive tools your console can offer...

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Futureshark -
"Epic will probably have a standard Unreal engine 5 that will be used for PC & Xbox SX games, but will have a advanced set of tools specially designed for PS5 and it's SSD / architecture."

that would only lead to confusion. considering Unreal makes regular updates, which would only lead to Epic deciding which version of UE5 to keep on supporting. which would likely be the one commonly used by developers. likely what you'll see for UE5 would be next gen support built into the engine. which they've already stated.

Epic - We spend a considerable portion of each release focusing on improvements to support all platforms so your projects can be experienced by everyone regardless of their chosen form factor. In this release, we have added support for the next generation of gaming consoles, which include Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5. In addition, iOS and Android have both seen significant enhancements to rendering and development workflows. https://docs.unrealengine.c...

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UE5 will have built-in next gen support and will likely also have features that will go into the gen after.
also UE4 still has a bunch of features that haven't been used in the current gen that will be seen in the next gen.

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the amount of probably/ maybe/ if ...
it's just astounding

morganfell33d ago


As I posted elsewhere: it’s likely Sony did this to insure that PS5 optimizations for Unreal5 automatically take advantage of the capabilities of Sony’s machine. In this manner even low level independent users will automatically see a discernible difference between the PS5 version and any other platform. It doesn’t hold back other platforms but rather creates built in pipelines that play to the PS5s unique strengths that go beyond the normal raw power equation. Sony is basically making it easy for Unreal 5 users to do things with the engine that automatically set the PS5 versions of games apart on a whole other level. This also explains the report that the U5 demonstration that was shown didn’t require a lot of horsepower because it was using the PlayStation 5’s unique fill rate capability. People making some of these remarks concerning Sweeney being bought should probably be worried instead.

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Why would they do that? MS has just as much, if not more, invested in UE than Sony. You think Epic would still give MS the lower end set of tools to work with? Sony generally uses their own engines and only a few times have their studios worked with UE. You think this little drop in the bucket is going to allot them special treatment?

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No one said lower end set of tools. Feel free to stop misquoting and/or making up things. Developers require different tools to better utilize an I/O and storage system that no one has ever seen before. Sony engineered the PS5 a certain way for a reason and they want to make sure developers can get the very best out of it. Raw horsepower isn't enough these days. Not any more.

But now I will say it. If Sony says we want more refined tools, spend more man hours refining the PS5 pipeline and we will pay for it with an investment, that isn't giving other companies worse tools as a way to harm those companies any more than game companies sell higher priced special editions or collectors editions of titles. Want more? Pay more. Its still giving them (MS, Nintendo, etc) the best tools they could in the U5 Dev kit without hiring additional people or paying even more man hours to specialize the tool suite for them. Other companies are still getting the same suite they would have if Sony hadn't invested in Epic. Is it that hard to comprehend? Or are you just attempting to cloud what is a very uncomfortable issue. I am so glad you have given up the objectivity claims and really let it fly in this thread. Thank you.

BayAreaBird33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Just saying but the SSD isn't so fast that it needs it's own special tool to do amazing things. Xbox one also uses an SSD. The speed between the two will not change much.

Insanemaniak133d ago

On paper it's almost double which us much more significant than Teraflops

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